There's an amazing tale to be told of how each baby enters the world. We've been following along with CherylDee's pregnancy. She presents her lil one's birth story on the latest post to her Lipsticks to Baby Bottles blog. Here's an excerpt.

So the best friend and her sister met me at the clinic for my checkup. (It's great to have your best friend by your side!) My doc had to check how dilated I was to determine how soon or how late my delivery would be.

Dr. Heng:'re only 1cm dilated. Don't think baby is coming anytime soon. Also your baby's head is very low. I can feel her head. Quite a bit of hair.


Cheryl: So nothing to worry about yeah?

Dr. Heng: Nope. I'll see you again next week okay! Eat healthy! See you next week!

So we decided to go get our nails done. Typical girlie thing to do. I started to feel some pains. Like I felt constipated. But I knew it was coming from the baby. So I called my mum to tell her and she was all, "Maybe you're being paranoid." So I decided to just not panic and carry on doing my nails. The best friend noticed that I was starting to get uncomfortable and said we can leave if we wanted to, but I though, heck, must be my imagination. After getting our nails done, we had our dinner which I felt I was dying already, so we quickly rushed home to my place and I plonked my butt in bed squirming in pain.

Thank goodness the best friend decided to stay with me at home, because I would have died in the pain I swear! She helped call Sham who was still at work to rush home. By the time he got home, I told him we needed to head to the hospital. Something was not right. The pain was nothing I had imagined. Good thing Sham's cousin lives across the street from us, because he offered to drive us down to the hospital and thank goodness that the hospital was literally 5 minutes away by car from our house.

So we get to East Shore Hospital and they immediately put me in a wheelchair and I get pushed up to the Delivery ward. (It started getting so real at this point of time!)

My doc happened to be in the next room delivering another baby so she came to check on me right after, and broke my water bag for me and in a span of just an hour, I dilated from 1 cm to 3 cm. No one prepares you for the kind of pain you go through for labour. The starting was not so bad. But then it started to get more pain as the contractions became more frequent. They gave me laughing gas to help with the pain, but that made me puke heaps. I remember my doc saying, "Baby won't be arriving till about 7/8 am. So I'm going home to sleep. See you later!"

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