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Baby Born in Car During a Police Stop

Baby Born in Car While Officer Tries to Ticket Dad For Speeding

We've all seen TV show couples try to get out of a ticket by claiming that the woman is pregnant and about to have her baby. But for Tyler and Ashley Rathjen of Iowa City, IA, this really was the reason they were pulled over by a cop for speeding. It's what happened next though, that's truly amazing.

The police officer chased the Rathjens to within two blocks of the hospital, where they finally stopped at a red light in heavy traffic. As the video below shows, while Tyler explained their situation to the officer, Ashley had the baby!

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What's your birth story?

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bestmomma1968 bestmomma1968 4 years
Unfortunately the officer was doing his job & from the sound of it they weren't gonna make it to the hospital anyways, however they would've been close but I did not expect them to stop for the officer til they got to the hospital & he wasn't gonna it was the light & traffic that stopped him lol glad every1's ok tho that's what matters! When my mom went in2 labor with me & my twin sister the dr wasn't at the hospital yet but the dr came in just in time to cut & tie my cord & I was the 2nd baby but he walked in2 the delivery room with an officer chasing him! The officer had chased him several miles & the dr said he wasn't stopping for anything & he DIDN'T LOL needless to say the dr did not get a ticket lol
CLarson CLarson 4 years
In regards to the previous comment, this article is actually somewhat misleading, which you will realise if you read the full article.
Brenda3918891 Brenda3918891 4 years
The police officer should have escorted them to the hospital instead of worrying about giving them a ticket...
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