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Baby Born During a Gentle C-Section

Incredible Video of a Newborn "Popping Out" Is Unlike Anything You've Seen

No matter how a woman gives birth — vaginally or a C-section, medicated or naturally — it is incredible. But one video captured this miracle in a way that few have ever seen before.

The astonishing clip from a doctor in Venezuela showcases the exact moment a newborn "pops out" of the womb during a gentle C-section. During this type of delivery, a baby isn't immediately removed from the womb as soon as the incisions are made. Instead, they are delivered slowly and somewhat independently to allow for their chest to be squeezed so fluid is removed from their lungs in a similar way to vaginal births. In this incredible moment, the doctor stepped back, allowing this little one to experience a "natural C-section" that mimics traveling through the birth canal.

Warning: you won't be able to watch this just once!

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