Baby Aya's (meaning miracle) birth is nothing short of one. The two-pound infant was born at 25 weeks, just two days after her mother, a former British figure skater, was declared brain dead as a result of a brain hemorrhage. Though she had appeared to be in perfect health, the mom-to-be, Jayne Soliman, suffered the massive attack as a result of an undetected brain tumor. The baby was born via c-section. Jayne's husband, Mahmoud Soliman, was forced to deal with the tragic and bittersweet turn of events. He said:

“It was Jayne's one true wish to be a mum. She would have been a great mum,” Mahmoud Soliman said in a statement to the media. “In the space of 48 hours I have experienced joy at the birth of my child and endured torment over losing my wonderful wife.”