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Baby Bride Has Marriage Annulled

Baby Bride Has Marriage Annulled

Can you imagine turning 18 only to find out that you've been married since you were a baby?

18-year-old Laxmi Sargara, who lives in India, discovered a few days ago that she has had a husband since the age of one. Her spouse, Rakesh, was only three years old at the time of the marriage, which was orchestrated by their parents. Upon hearing that her family expected her to go live in Rakesh's home, Laxmi sought help in getting the marriage annulled. The Sarthi Trust, a children's rights group, came to her aid, and their successful effort was the first of its kind in a country where child marriages are illegal but still common.

Kriti Bharti, the Sarthi Trust social worker who helped Laxmi, told the media, "It is the first example we know of a couple wed in childhood wanting the marriage to be annulled, and we hope that others take inspiration from it."

Read the full story (Daily Mail).

Image Source: Daily Mail

AleksSurzycki AleksSurzycki 5 years
Why are the parents not being arrested for this illegal arrangement? Child marriages are illegal, even in india.
TerrieHumphries TerrieHumphries 5 years
I know this was probably really hard for her to do and I pray for her protection since she took this step. I also wish her all the peace and happiness she deserves.
LadyAiyanna LadyAiyanna 5 years
Its a common thing in many households in India and many of them are grandparents even before they reach the age of forty. One lady grew to be one of the most influential women in India but was widowed at the age of eight and lived a life of a widow till she got her call. She was in her 90's by then. They are usually business transactions used to further vested interests of the family to extort money and get their show on the road. Sadly, there are so many around and that even love marriages (like mine which has broken down but not divorced) are looked down by many factions of society. There is no law out there protecting the women should men get into bigamy as not everyone of them have a marriage certificate to protect oneself except for ethics. Personally, that is one of the reasons why I legally married in court as many of them are societal nuptials which sometimes come back to haunt even after a legal wedding but it is always the legally wed who gets it all under eyes of law but bear in mind the mother has the greatest say in everything including the inheritance. Laxmi is very lucky to have escaped this but she has to move to somewhere safe as the society can harm her if she remains in the vicinity. Its not uncommon, but this is the main reason why the female population out there is so low. They have no respect for the gender.
michelleshoesmith michelleshoesmith 5 years
I assume that the wife and Husband would have to get the marriage annulled because in the eyes of their parents they have been married for 18 years. Although in countries like Australia we would think this is child abuse but unfortunately in places like India it would be the normal thing it is only through the younger generation realising that this is the wrong thing to do that change with occur
osvme osvme 5 years
that's creepy...
RhondaCooley45898 RhondaCooley45898 5 years
Congrats Laxmi & Rakesh on a well deserved anullment! I pray you each get married only for LOVE!
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