What you eat prenatally, can pay off in your lil one's health even after she leaves the womb. Recent research suggests that moms-to-be who eat apples during pregnancy, have children with lower rates of asthma. Those who consumed more than four apples a week had children who were 37 percent less likely to have asthma.

Studies also found a specific food would reduce rates of eczema in babies too. To find out what it is, just


Mothers who consume fish (more than once a week) during pregnancy may lower their child's risk of developing eczema. Too much of a good thing can be bad though, especially in the case of fish. Consuming high amounts of fish can boost mercury levels in a developing fetus so don't overdo it.

Best practice is to focus on eating a diet wide in a variety of fruits, vegetables, and proteins — but now you may want to make sure that it includes a few apples and pieces of fish.