You may have hometown pride, but does your city cut it when it comes to raising a baby?

Fit Pregnancy magazine just announced its list of Best American Cities to Have a Baby. Portland slid into the most coveted spot followed by Minneapolis and San Francisco (home of Sugar HQ).

The cities were judged on specific criteria, the press release said:

Fit Pregnancy set out to determine what makes a city most advantageous for pregnant women, new parents, and babies, and to commend cities that provide a safe and healthy environment in which to have a baby. The magazine examined 50 criteria, including fertility services, maternal and infant health risk, access to hospitals and doctors, safety, affordability, stroller friendliness, and birthing options.

To see the entire top 10 list and the accolades awarded to other cities,


1. Portland
2. Minneapolis
3. San Francisco
4. Seattle
5. Denver
6. Boston
7. Omaha
8. Virginia Beach
9. Austin
10. Albuquerque

Best Access to Hospitals and Doctors: Baltimore
Most Affordable City: Columbus
City With the Lowest Medical Costs: Jacksonville, FL
City With the Lowest Health Risk: Minneapolis
Safest City: Virginia Beach
Best City For Parks/Strollers: Virginia Beach
Best City For Breastfeeding: San Diego
Best City For Fertility Services: Chicago
Best City For Child Care: Baltimore
City With the Most Birthing Options: San Diego