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Baby Bump: It's OK To Be Sick of Being Pregnant

Baby Bump: It's OK To Be Sick of Being Pregnant

Pregnancy can be one of the most exciting times in a woman's life, but don't be discouraged (or surprised) if your perpetual glow fizzles into nothing more than a flushed face that's short of breath after the first couple of months.

In the beginning, pregnancy is new and fun, but the novelty can wear off for some moms-to-be — and it's completely normal. Don't feel down on yourself if you're sick of being poked and prodded at by the doctor, and by anyone else who feels the need to touch your growing bump. From nausea, to heartburn, to hemorrhoids, to comments such as, "You're huge!" — cooking a bun in the oven is not always easy emotionally or physically, especially as you get down to the last stretch. Just do your best to keep your eye on the prize: your bundle of joy!

If you do start to feel a lil more than just down, you may want to talk to your ob-gyn, as depression does not only happen postpartum. In fact, 10-20 percent of women will experience it at any point during the nine months.

Did you ever get sick of being pregnant? Share your stories in the comments.

beccalu beccalu 8 years
I'm 33 weeks and ready to be done. I'm just ready to be back to my regular size again (or somewhere close).I don't feel guilty about being ready to be done and I don't think anyone should. It doesn't reflect at all on how a person feels about their little bundle of joy, it just means that pregnancy can be tough and tiring. Most of all, I'm ready to be done so I can meet the little guy who's been living in there for so long. :)
gincase gincase 8 years
I was ready...I was convinced that I was going to deliver early too! The Doctor gave me false hope when two weeks before my due date he said "Oh, ginny - you aren't going to last until the 27th" The entire month I walked and walked. At night, I'd shower, pee and climb into bed. About two minutes later I'd have to get up again to pee. This would happen 20 times a night. I can't tell you how many times I'd come out of the bathroom looking to climb into bed...I'd burst into tears and have to go potty again. I'd come out of the bathroom crying to my partner - please please please let me go into labor tonight. Once the last month arrived, I was ready. I was done with being pregnant, tired of people saying "OMG, you are HUGE!" I did use twitter as my outlet for frustration. It is funny to look back and read it.
kyleah kyleah 8 years
I'm so ready to be done at week 35. This is my second pregnancy with gestational diabetes, so theres the needles and the extra dr appointments. Plus I've had to avoid the most tempting desserts and carbilicous filled treats which are everywhere for the holidays. And now my amniotic fluid is low, so theres more appointments, staying off my feet, and concerns for baby. Not to mention I feel huge, and super dependent on my husband to get anything done around the house.
nevadamtnbear nevadamtnbear 8 years
I'm 35 weeks and I'm content to stay pregnant for a while. I am serious when I tell people that she can stay cooking until mid-February. I feel okay, not as good as I did during my first pregnancy, but I've got so much work to do before she gets here that I'm in no hurry for this little one to make her debute. I think if my work load was different, I would likely have a different attitude. We'll see how I feel in another few weeks. LOL. I can totally understand the being tired of being pregnant. At a point the physical discomfort, mental distress, etc. can become overwhelming. You get to a point in the 8th and 9th months that you're ready to just feel like yourself again. I also know (after having a high risk pregnancy my first time around) how tolling those situations can be as well. You're ready to have your healthy baby in your arms rather than continue the ongoing stress of the issues relating to the high risk part of the pregnancy (not the mention the hours in doctors office each week, etc.). I'm counting my blessings that right now I still feel really good. Let's keep this bun in the oven for at least another 5 weeks (6 would be good).
USMCWife08 USMCWife08 8 years
Im 34wks right now. I wouldnt say I am "done" with being pregnant but I am kind of getting oh bored with the entire thing? I mean I love my daughter, I love having her growing but I've had a high risk very problem filled pregnancy complete with over 4 hospitalizations, bedrest and preterm labor since 30wks. I am being induced at 37wks so I dont have far to go. I have to say that I will never be "done" as in get this baby out before i kill myself kinda thing but im just bored. As in, everyone else is all "oh my god look how cute you are" and im like "ah thanks" and I move on. I guess Im ready for people to fawn over Ella instead of rub my belly
MissSushi MissSushi 8 years
I was done with being pregnant at about 8 months. I coudlnt take a shower or stand up long without passing out and I was in agony with my back and sciatica. I was HUGE..I gained like some 30 inches while pregnant, despite losing a bunch of weight. I had taken a higher impact job before i knew i was pregnant, and just decided to keep it bcuase we were in an insanely small town where jobs were scarce, and i didnt want to commute too far being pregnant. Any heat at all caused me to get faint.. it stunk. I think i could have managed everything else if i didnt have that. even going to a resturant with those hot plates made me start getting dizzy lol
Greggie Greggie 8 years
I wasn't miserable at the end with any of mine, but it still irks me when people tease a woman for being sick of being pregnant. I was having gall bladder attacks with my second and was sobbing through one appointment at the beginning of my second trimester because I couldn't move my back at all and the nurse condescendingly said "Oh are you done already?" No, I'm in excruciating pain, thanks. Then of course the doctor misdiagnosed it and I missed out on having my gall bladder removed during the c-section, but that's another story.
macgirl macgirl 8 years
I went 10 days over as well with my first but I don't think I was miserable even though I was super large. This last pregnancy I was in tears for the last two weeks due to horrific hemorrhoids. I could barely walk or sit without crying. I broke down in tears every doctor appointment and they just stared at me like I was crazy ;-)
Boogie29 Boogie29 8 years
I was 11 day's over due so yeah you can say I got sick of being pregnant lol My daughter was born at the end of March and right around Valentines day I started to get really fustrated about being so big and clumsy.After my due date came and went I was probably the most angry pregnant woman you've ever met,especially when my dr. told me I could go another week (after I was already 10 day's over due).To say the least he wasn't my favorite person that day ;)
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