I survived two pregnancies without morning sickness, but a pregnant Sugar staffer provided me with a tidbit of information that I thought I'd share. She was sailing along smoothly in her third trimester when the dreaded morning sickness she experienced early on in the first trimester was back, and it was worse. She said:

"I was literally seven months and one day pregnant and I started feeling nauseous again. The nausea was accompanied with getting sick this time around. Like all things in pregnancy, everyone is different and some, according to my O.B., have the unfortunate return of nausea. I wish I would have known it could come back, I totally thought I was in the clear — boy was I wrong!"

So it's back to ginger ale and dry crackers for my poor pregnant colleague. But she's right, and while it's not fun, it can be common for morning sickness to surface at any point during a pregnancy.

What about you? Did you experience morning sickness in your third trimester?