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Infant Breeze Baby Butt Fan: Ga Ga or Gag?

Any mom who's ever dealt with diaper rash knows that it's no fun. While the most common treatment is a cream like Desitin or Aquaphor, there's now a product that aims to stop the problem before it starts. It's the (drumroll, please) Baby Butt Fan. The "world's first diapering fan," which can be yours for $20, was designed to dry off your baby's freshly wiped bottom quickly and effectively to prevent diaper rash.

A soothing, gentle breeze aimed at your baby's bum doesn't sound like such a bad idea, and preventing diaper rash is a much smarter approach than waiting until it happens to treat it. But in looking at the Baby Butt Fan, we have to ask, what's the difference between this and any other portable fan? What do you think? Is the Baby Butt Fan a gimmick or a great way to promote rash-free diaper-wearing?

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CoMMember136311724012 CoMMember136311724012 4 years
As to the fact that it costs $20...diaper creams are expensive, and seeing your baby uncomfortable is stressful. If it didn't help your little one you could put it on your desk and use it yourself.
CoMMember136311724012 CoMMember136311724012 4 years
I think it's a great idea! It may sound wierd to most but I actually blow on my baby's bottom. I don't get close, that would be wierd. I do it from my normal sitting position. It helps. When you have dealt with severe rashes like we have, you would probably give it a try.
Elizabeth47228 Elizabeth47228 4 years
To the 66% of people who said "gag" I guess you've never had to fan your babies butt with your hand or a paper fan before to reduce baby wipe or after bath no diaper time. My daughter is 21 months old I still have to fan dry her butt because so she doesn't get bumps on her bottom.
MimiBurns MimiBurns 4 years
Do these come in adult sizes?
LauraKasten LauraKasten 4 years
I've had to use a blow dryer before.
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