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Baby Cured of H.I.V 30 Hours After Birth

H.I.V. Infected Baby Cured

We love to report on good news, and this certainly falls into that category! For the first time ever, a baby born infected with H.I.V. has been cured.

The infant, who was born in rural Mississippi to a mother who did not know she was carrying the virus, was immediately transferred to the University of Mississippi Medical Center. There, within 30 hours of birth, doctors began agressive treament with antiretroviral medication. By the age of 18 months, all tests came back negative, indicating that the child is now free of the virus.

Read the whole story (NY Times) >>

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TelinaKnight TelinaKnight 4 years
the baby was actually 2 1/ 18 months her family stopped bringing her to her treatments then showed up several months later and the tests ran then proved her to be in the negative so they did not know at 18 months if she was cured.
Sheermeen Sheermeen 4 years
one of the best stories i hv ever heard...babies do not hv to suffer NO more!!!!!!
angelaerickson99257 angelaerickson99257 4 years
That is absolutely amazing i couldn't be more happy for her and her family! She was ment to be here:)
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