Back in 1983, my mother and step-father took a Southwest Airlines flight from Dallas to Houston. As they boarded, my mom noticed an expectant woman who looked like she was ready to pop. She somehow boarded the plane while in labor and it took off.During the ascent, the woman announced that the baby was on its way. My mother, a pediatric nurse, jumped up to help her. She brought the mom-to-be to the front of the plane (where one boards — the widest available space) and had her lay down. My mom told the flight attendant to ask the pilot to return to Dallas and have an emergency medical team available.

One of the attendants told her that the flight wouldn't be too long, just about 45 minutes. So my mom replied that she could see the baby's head crowning and they needed to land ASAP. While the plane backtracked, the laboring woman and my mother shared some intense moments. To see what happened,


My mom asked the flight attendant if there was any suction equipment on board. The attendant said they had swizzle sticks. My mother then requested a first aid kit. And, it turned out to be one that was four inches by four inches and contained two gauze pads and four band-aids. The laboring woman was in pain, but soon delivered a baby boy. My mom took a shoelace and tied the umbilical cord as the plane taxied into a gate.

As you might imagine, the plane was a bit messy from the delivery. When the airline agent opened the door at the jet-way, he turned green and allowed the paramedics to take over.

As a reward, Southwest Airlines gave my mother two round trip tickets to anywhere they flew. Back in 1983, they were so small they only flew to Texas cities and Los Angeles. So my mom, grandmother, and I all went to Disneyland! Doesn't that seem like a fitting way to be merited for the good deed?