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10-Week-Old Baby Dies of Water Intoxication Due to Parents Diluting Breast Milk

Earlier this month, Herbert George Landell, 26, and Lauren Heather Fristed, 25, were arrested after bringing their 10-week-old baby girl to the emergency room, already dead due to water intoxication. Nevaeh Marie Landell was being fed diluted breast milk as a form of "formula stretching" — an attempt to make breast milk or formula last for more feedings — which can result in a baby's brain developing wrong or, as in this case, death.

Babies under 6 months are not supposed to drink water, as it has no nutritional value, so as a result of watering down Nevaeh's breast milk, her electrolyte and sodium levels dropped, which caused her brain to swell. Landell was charged with felony murder and aggravated battery by depriving; Fristed was charged with aggravated battery by depriving, first degree cruelty to children, and second degree cruelty to children. The couple are both ineligible for bond.

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