I have a lot of respect for co-sleepers, it just isn't something I have ever been able to do. Fear of rolling onto my tot or suffocating him with blankets has led me to place babies in bassinets for the first few months of life, and then into their cribs. The downside of a crib-sleeper is that they don't view your bed as a place for sleep, only for play, so even when you want them to fall asleep next to you, they won't.

I am currently seeing this first-hand as my lil one is experiencing his first cold (or allergies, given the high pollen rates we've been seeing). His nose is running, his throat is filled with phlegm and his attitude isn't so hot. Placing him down to sleep for the night is an exercise in patience. Each night we turn on the humidifier, aspirate his nose, and place a rolled blanket under one end of his mattress in an effort to place his head on a slight incline. As soon as he is about to drift off into la-la-land, my wee one tries to breathe through his nose, and wakes himself right back up. Given the number of times this happens each night, I've taken to sleeping on his floor, rather than running back and forth between our rooms. It's chilly down there, and not too comfortable, but the peace of mind it brings me outweighs the discomfort.

Do you camp out on your tot's floor?