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Most new moms are familiar with the formula freebies or unsolicited coupons that come in the mail soon after delivering a baby. Mothers who breastfeed exclusively will never have to choose a formula, but the rest of us do. Some get hooked on the brand that is handed to them at the hospital. Others pick one out of the blue. To see how I chose mine,


My first born did not start consuming formula until she was nearly nine-months-old. I chose Enfamil Lipil because I had seen it everywhere and it looked like a reputable brand. Not much research went into this decision, but the formula worked well for her so I decided to try it on my son as well. Unfortunately, it caused him to be constipated and fussy. On a friend's recommendation, I bought the purple label Nestle Good Start.

She tried numerous formulas and found it was the best for her son. Eager for my son to have regular diapers and a happy tummy, I gave it a shot. Once again, we were disappointed. I feared I was in for a formula conundrum. Then another friend came to visit and brought her can of green Nestle Good Start with her. I tried a bottle and bingo — it worked! Filled with natural cultures, DHA and ARA, this cow-based-milk formula had finally done the trick. My boy went from pooping every four or five days to every afternoon.

How did you choose your child's formula?
How did you choose your formula?

badhabit badhabit 8 years
We use nestle good start soy plus (blue can.) Used the orange can first but baby had bad gas and stomach aches (grunting and putting his legs up after eating), when we switched to soy it was great. He rarely has gas and never seems to have stomach aches anymore. By the way, thanks lil for posting this. I tried breastfeeding my son and had a lot of problems with it-we struggled with it for a month with supplementing before my milk dried up and we went with formula exclusively. I felt so stressed every time we tried to nurse and felt horrible about it not working out. Some folks (even men!) have tried to make me feel so badly for not breastfeeding. At the hospital a nurse even told me I would make my son have a lower IQ if I didn't stick with it. That's a tough thing to hear at such a vulnerable time-I cried and cried and lost a lot of sleep over it. Everyone knows that breast is best, but I think first time moms need to know that if its causing you to be super stressed and upset, it's perfectly ok to use formula. What's best for your family is having a calm, happy mom who is able to enjoy her baby and being a mom!
seeJane seeJane 8 years
My daughter was pretty constipated on both Enfamil and the Sam's Club formula, so we switched to Good Start (orange label) and that helped quite a bit, although we still needed the help of prunes every once in a while! :)
Moms Moms 8 years
My kids both had upset stomachs with the regular formula so we had to feel them Similac Soy.
JennyJenJenMurph JennyJenJenMurph 8 years
My son has to have Similac Alimentum. At first I just used plain ol' Similac (blue label) when I was supplementing while breastfeeding but when I went to straight formula, my little guy was in severe pain. I tried all the other Similacs and the Alimentum is the only one that doesn't cause continuous vomiting (sorry!) and pain. Plus, the powered hurts his tummy too and he won't drink it so it's only the prepared kind around $10 a bottle. Lots of fun for us.
CassieStanley CassieStanley 8 years
With my first child we used Enfamil at $22 a can, after talking to a pharmacist friend of mine, we switched to Target brand formula for $13 a can. She said that legally the generic brand has to contain all the ingredients that the brand it compares itself to, has. We saved a lot of money the second time around!
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