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Baby Has Hiccups In Utero

OnSugar Blog: My Baby's Hiccups!

Lots of moms like to think out loud, and CherylDee is one of them. In the latest post from her From Lipsticks to Baby Bottles blog, she captures her baby's in utero hiccups.

Finally managed to catch my baby's hiccups on camera! It happens so often these day. Almost every night actually. Poor little girl! I wonder, why do babies get hiccups in the womb?

KaitlynMartinez1377573940 KaitlynMartinez1377573940 4 years
im only in week 25, im apparently supposed to feel her hiccups, I think I have, but it more like shes twitching. in the sense of it feels like this one spot on my belly is having a fit, or a muscle spazem. if not hiccups do you have any idea what she might be doing aside from tickling me? lol
hazelnutt hazelnutt 6 years
i have a scar but it is not dark... it is like scar tissue which is similar to my skin colour. It does itch a little sometimes probably coz it didnt get the chance to heal well and the belly started stretching.
FacesBySarah FacesBySarah 6 years
so exciting! Post pics when u get em k!!
CherylDee CherylDee 6 years
Sarah- thanks so much babe! Definitely heading down to get some pretty prints for my little girl. She's gonna look so cute!! :D Hazel- did your scar eventually disappear? Mine looks kinda bad. Like its torn or something, but its not. Plus, have had my belly ring for 8 yrs before finally taking it out. Kinda miss it.
hazelnutt hazelnutt 6 years
hehee... i took my belly ring out too when I got preggers... :) so that's why I noticed the similar scar that you have!
FacesBySarah FacesBySarah 6 years
haha its a shop at bishan junction 8! you go up towards the kopitiam, just at the kopitiam, the escalator DOWN. there's a shop there. baby stuff! SOOOO frikkin cute la babe!!!!!!!!!!! id buy those leopard print heels even if i had a son! LOL
CherylDee CherylDee 6 years
We were too eager to know the sex, plus would make it easier with buying of the clothes, cot etc. oh do tell where you found baby leopard heels? im so into prints now!! My partner hates the prints, thinks its too hootchie for a baby, but i think, its a fashion statement! hah!
FacesBySarah FacesBySarah 6 years
i know right! but sadly my bestie says her hubby doesnt want to know the gender til the delivery! how la like that :( i saw so many cute leopard print stuff (inc leopard print baby HEELS!!!) but i have to buy unisex stuff for the baby i guess
CherylDee CherylDee 6 years
Hi Sarah! Thanks for the follow! I've been a fan of your work for such a long time! :D I so know what you mean! Shopping for baby stuffs is so much fun! My bestie just found out she's preggers too! So that can only mean one thing, MORE SHOPPING! YAY! The ever beautiful Shyanne! Yes, we've been great friends over the years! :)
FacesBySarah FacesBySarah 6 years
aww babeeeeeee that is such a gorgeous sight! my bestie is preggers now too and i cant wait to shower her with all the baby goodies! :) and i just realized why u look so familiar! You're a friend of shyanne's! :)
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