I won't beat around the "Bush" when it comes to my political preference — Barack Obama is my man. When the primaries started, I taught my wee one to say, "O–Bama." It was one of her first words and now she states his whole name, "Rock Obama." Proud of my budding po"lil"tico, she can identify him in newspapers, magazines and on television ads.

As I readied myself for another day at the office, I turned on the boob tube to catch up on current events. My daughter pointed to Good Morning America's weather man, Sam Champion and said, "Rock Obama!" I curiously glanced at the television and said, "No. He doesn't look a thing like Obama!" She kept pointing and repeated, "Obama."

It made me realize three things — I let her watch too much television, Barack Obama dominates the news, and she may even think my name is Barack Obama! Or, perhaps she's just trying to win points with James Wilkie Broderick by hopping on the Obama bandwagon.