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Baby Monitor Hacked

Stranger Hacks Into Baby Monitor to Spy on 2-Year-Old

As a parent, it’s no doubt unnerving when you find out your child is being watched. So you can imagine how Texas parents Marc and Lauren Gilbert felt when they heard a "creepy" voice saying lewd comments to their 2-year-old through the baby monitor they installed in her room. When Marc realized that someone had hacked into the wireless monitor and could control the camera to see into his daughter’s room, he ripped the device out of the wall.

Parry Aftab, a lawyer specializing in Internet privacy and security law, says such an incident is uncommon, but it is a valid fear. She recommends using a strong password on wi-fi devices or anyone could access your home's wi-fi and subsequently the device as well.

On the bright side, Gilbert says it’s somewhat of a blessing that his daughter, Allyson, is deaf, so she didn’t hear the hacker’s comments.

Do you have one of these monitors in your home?

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LindsayRoark70541 LindsayRoark70541 3 years
The person CoMMember1363116098074 has made rude comments before on other things, I think they work for the website and try to get people to comment by using insults, pathetic!!! This article is horrible and the person should be committed for life if they found them, there is nothing worse than a child predator! I have never used a video monitor, only a audio one, but I can see why people would find them useful and the Dad using it to see his children through his work day is super sweet :)
Jesenia89 Jesenia89 3 years
This is so sad. This world is disgusting, talk about god regretting wasting that flood on those horrible people back in the day... This day in age would have been the perfect time to flood the earth. It's a shame you can't even have a camera in your own home to watch over your children without worrying if some creep or pedophile can hack into it.. Where are all the morals my father used to teach me where did they go??!!! Jesus I'm only 23 and I feel lost in this world everything is just so sick and twisted,, who would've thought this was 2013 so much technology and so much dysfunction.. SMH and as far as lazy, I would love to know what my daughter is doing and when, also who goes in her room since nowadays even fathers are molesting and raping their own blood daughters, babies can choke and you would never know or be too late so cameras are actually in my opinion essential nowadays...
SaraDuncan57611 SaraDuncan57611 3 years
I am a mom of 4 and I have used a video monitor for all of my kids. Not because I'm lazy. Some kids wake up if you go in their room, especially in a house with creaky wood floors. I'd rather my child stay asleep and me have a quick look on the video monitor to make sure all is well. But on the actual topic in the original post, it's horrible when somebody violates the safety and security of your home. Especially when your children are involved. I hope they were able to catch whoever did it and hope the family can get past this.
KellyGarza KellyGarza 3 years
This is just sick!!! And to the comment about "lazy" parents, you are so rude. My brother had one, NOT bc he was lazy but bc he worked on the apt complex he lived at and after having thought he would never have kids, he liked to be able to see what they were doing during the day while he was working!
JenniferOaks JenniferOaks 3 years
That was a totally rude and unecassary comment. I have a video monitor for my daughter, otherwise I would never leave her room for for fear of SIDS. I am not a lazy parent, but it brings me peice of mind while I do other things that I can quickly glance and know she's still ok. The problem these days is other parents are too quick to bash. And while it is disturbing for that family, lets all take it as a reminder to keep our homes more secure. I know I am changing my wifi password today!
jelanawilliams jelanawilliams 3 years
That is so very sick.
SamanthaRodriguez72282 SamanthaRodriguez72282 3 years
That is so creepy and disgusting! I had a video monitor for my daughter when she was a newborn. And no, not because I was too lazy to check on my baby like the previous comment says. I got it as a baby shower gift and as a new mom I was paranoid about SIDS! So I felt safe when I could see what was going on while she was napping or what not. But that is besides the point. I never would have even imagined some freak hacking the baby monitor! So scary how sick some people are...
CoMMember13631166098074 CoMMember13631166098074 3 years
ok parents they had a hole show on this same thing thats why we dont buy them ,, and why wound we need them anyway so we dont have to get off our butts and check on our kids?? i mean if u had a castle maybe
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