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When Did You Stop Using a Monitor?

At nineteen months, my daughter hasn't needed her monitor in quite a while, but I still like to keep it on just for my own peace of mind. Many families ditch the battery operated callers once their child's voice is strong enough to warn the parents of discomfort. I'm not sure when I'll pull the cord on our monitors, but I'm thinking when she turns sixteen, we might need to reinstall them.

When did you stop using the monitors?

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radmama27 radmama27 9 years
My son is 2 years, 2 months - and I still use the monitor. He goes in his room to play while I cook, or clean and its nice being able to hear him. I feel 2 is still fairly young, and there are many benefits to a monitor.
Shosh Shosh 9 years
I quit using the audible monitor when my daughter moved to a "big girl bed" and we began leaving her bedroom door open. I do still use our camera monitor (volume optional), so I can see her. Just a little added piece of mind.
sofi sofi 9 years
We use one with my daughter, 3 1/2, while we are still awake and downstairs because we wouldn't be able to hear her if she needed anything. At night, her bedroom is right next to ours so it isn't necessary. My son's room is near the stairs and close enough at night that we could hear him.
Brendelwoman Brendelwoman 9 years
I had one for the first but sound traveled well enough through the house that I didn't really need one. I have not used one for my 2nd and third for the same reason.
Celebrity Celebrity 9 years
katie is 2 and we still use it but its more for my own peace of mind like you said.
macgirl macgirl 9 years
I think I used one with my first son for quite a few years. With the new baby I might even do it a little longer as his room is kind of far down a long hallway.
kikidawn kikidawn 9 years
I plan on using one for at least a few years...
RobinFabulous RobinFabulous 9 years
I can top that Jonah is 6 and still has one in his room. He has night terrors and I always need to be able to hear him. Bouns is that it picks up the girls rooms across the hall so I can listen for the 3 year old
redheadkimie redheadkimie 9 years
We live in a small space and I can hear her without a monitor. She slept with us until she was 6 months so I didn't need it then.
SugarKat SugarKat 9 years
My daughter sleeps next door to us and I can hear her if she starts breathing differently or turns over so we never used one. However, at my parent's house when we stay the night we use one because then my mom can get up with her in then morning and I don't have to get up! :)
nicole121482 nicole121482 9 years
My daughter just turned 6 on Friday and I still use the monitor because I sleep 2 floors below her and I would not feel comfortable without knowing that I could hear her if she called for me in the middle of the sucks...she's way too old...but I gotta do what I gotta do...
piper23 piper23 9 years
My daughter is about to be 19 months and we still use ours. Especially when we're on the deck and she's sleeping. I imagaine we'll use the monitor til it breaks.
Gruberr1 Gruberr1 9 years
My son is 2 and a half and we have the monitor that you have featured above. We just stopped using it this week. After the first year, we used it to see if he was really up, or if he was talking inn his sleep, but recently, it became more of a nuisance than a help! I do miss just checking in on him though!
bluepuppybites bluepuppybites 9 years
We still us ours and our daughter is 2. Even though I can hear her in the house, my husband likes it when he's outside in the garage and can go get her when she's done with a nap.
rgrl rgrl 9 years
My son is almost two and we still use one. I especially feel better using it at night. He always sleeps through the night but if he ever wakes up and needs us we might not hear him right away without a monitor. I don't want him to cry for a half hour before we finally hear him.
Gabriela14815884 Gabriela14815884 9 years
I put on my registry and got it but I never needed it, we live in a small space so the sound travels well - I never bothered hooking it up.
Kristinh1012 Kristinh1012 9 years
My youngest is 2 and we still have a monitor. We always have had one around. Our oldest is 8. We use the monitor all the time if we are in the back/front yard at night. We don't really need it other than that. But we sit outside in the summer all the time and I would never feel comfortable without one.
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