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Baby's Name Reflects Politics

Baby Names Linked to Political Leanings

Worried you might make a faux pas by talking politics in front of your child's friend's parents?

Before sharing your political views, consider the child’s name, a new study suggests. You might be able to tell a parent's political preferences based on the child’s name, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

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According to researchers at the University of Chicago, liberal parents tend to like names with "L" and "A" sounds, especially with the "A" falling at the end of the name, like Liam and Lena. Meanwhile, conservatives prefer names with harder, stronger, more masculine sounds, like "D," "K," "T" and "B," as in Kurt, Kim, Donald, and Bryce.  The study also indicates that well-educated conservatives prefer more common names like Mary or Elizabeth, while educated liberals are more likely to name their child something unusual. 

For the study, researchers analyzed California birth records from the 545,018 babies born in California in 2004, representing 52,589 different names, according to Live Science.


Does your child's name reflect your political preference?

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LindsayRoark70541 LindsayRoark70541 4 years
In response to Tracebooks, no I did not say that they don't ever name their kids because they love the name or carry on family traditions, I am sure they do both of these things. I simply said how I chose mine, but nice job twisting my words. As far as how each family names their children, it is different for each family but the article implied there was a pattern and I was just commenting on my way of picking names in reference to that pattern. I have friends that are of different political views then my own and I am very open minded. Sorry if you took it so personally for some reason. PEACE
AmandaMillerMaracle AmandaMillerMaracle 4 years
I gave my son an unusual name but I am certainly no Fiberal
Tracebooks Tracebooks 4 years
So, Lindsay, does that mean no conservatives or libertarians name their kids what they do because they love the name and to honor their family? Just FYI, I'm not in any camp, but I gave my kids the names I did because I love the kids and the name and the meanings. And they fit the liberal definition here, but I, with my multiple degrees, am not liberal. So many biases is these comments its not funny: conservatives give names based on image and liberals are the only smart people? Please.
alexisbeebe alexisbeebe 4 years
well. considering that you can "tell a parent's political preferences based on her child's name." ( how about obamarina? barackson? mitty? romnena?
K2F K2F 4 years
This is so silly. Just ask my liberal mother who named her kids Donna, Kathleen and Tim about this: Meanwhile, conservatives prefer names with harder, stronger, more masculine sounds, like "D," "K," "T"
asgcugirl asgcugirl 4 years
I am a well educated liberal with an Elizabeth, a Katherine, and a Cooper. Explain that one.
missnanny missnanny 4 years
My child's name was not chosen for my political thinking. I think this article is a crock
Desi15018800 Desi15018800 4 years
Both of my daughter's names end with "n". Lillian and Keiran. Lillian is more of a classic name whereas Keiran is different and gets more mixed reviews from friends and family than Lillian. Either way, we picked the names because we like them.
KatieLong39813 KatieLong39813 4 years
Well as a far as the L and A sonds not so much, but my daughter's name is Harmony Grace, so does that tell you anything lol?
LindsayRoark70541 LindsayRoark70541 4 years
I would think this is because conservatives are probably not as open minded to use unusual names and they are caught up in image and other people's opinions too much so they need the strong bold names to feel like the children will fit in to the circles they want then to be in. I am a democrat and I pick the names of my children based on the fact that I love the name, especially it's meaning, and that it fits the child, If it is a more unique name that is a bonus to me, I love uniqueness! I also try to carry a family name on through each child's middle name (Grandparents names for example). My son has a common name but it is a good one and it fits him well, both of my girls have more unique names and they both end in "a" LOL! All three of my children have beautiful names and I have received nothing but compliments on all of them :)
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