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MichelleBordges MichelleBordges 3 years
My son is named Nikolas after Nikolas Cassidine on General Hospital , my middle is named Conor for Conor Jackson the baseball player and my daughter is Emalyn from Army Wives
EricaEccleston EricaEccleston 3 years
I'm named for Erica Kane from All My Children!
Cate15339519 Cate15339519 3 years
my daughter Lily is named after Harry Potters mum who gave her child x
Justina-OleruMolico1392214855 Justina-OleruMolico1392214855 3 years
I name my Son after watching one of Joel Osteen's church programme. My sons name is Joel.......
Ann14577322 Ann14577322 3 years
My 17yr old son is called Corey after the little boy in the film/book Flowers in the Attic, loved he name straight away. I also changed how I spelt two of my other children names Kraig with a K (he's 29) and Lucie-Marie (16) which I think is a pretty way of spelling it.
pamelaharris70806 pamelaharris70806 3 years
My daughter was named Addison after Addison Montgomery off of Private Practice! I miss the show!
Sandy15438213 Sandy15438213 3 years
My 30 year old daughter was named Amanda after Spock's mother from Star Trek. I always thought it was a beautiful name and it means 'worthy of being loved'.
MyaGutweiler MyaGutweiler 3 years
PattiGutierrezStevens.....whether spelled like mine (Mya) or your daughter's (Maya), it is pronounced the same. Good choice either way. ;-)
CoMMember13627630534999 CoMMember13627630534999 3 years
My 13 year old is named Aaliyah after the singer/actress. I love the meaning and she was an amazing soul
PattiGutierrezStevens PattiGutierrezStevens 3 years
Mya, I named my daughter Maya (she's 9) and I love the name too! My husband still tells me I pronounce it wrong and it should be spelled like yours is. ;)
MyaGutweiler MyaGutweiler 3 years
I was named after a movie from 1966 called "Maya". My mom just changed the spelling of the name from Maya to my name - Mya. Growing up, I was always having to tell people how to say it, spell it, etc. For years now, I have grown to LOVE my name and it's originality, especially for someone my age. By the way, I am 46 yrs. old, so it was different growing up with that name.
JoeWilliamsonprice JoeWilliamsonprice 3 years
My son is named Jordan Damon Jordan after formula 1 team and Damon after Damon hill
ArisRychener ArisRychener 3 years
Our son Brock was named after a character in the Godzilla cartoon. His brother liked the character and thought it would be a good name....we thought so as well.
jessicathompson1371486143 jessicathompson1371486143 3 years
My daughters Peyton and Quinn came from the show some tree hill and my sons name raydyn xavier came from the thunder god on mortal combat and Xavier from xmen
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