I'd heard horror stories about babies who were light sleepers, kids who slept walked, and nocturnal tots, but nothing prepares a mom to be jolted awake by a blood curdling scream.

In the past few months, my son's guttural wail occasionally sounds and there's no getting used to it.

It began when he was around eight months-old and started eating a larger variety of foods, so I worried he had an allergy, stomach problem or something of that nature. Since he appeared to be in excruciating pain with tears streaming down his face, I took him to the pediatrician. To find out what the problem was,


After our concerned doctor ran a series of tests to be cautious, they came up clear so we chalked it up to a belly bug. But the night episodes continued, so I again consulted the physician and explained what kept happening.

Instead of sleeping through the night, my normally happy-go-lucky lil guy flails in his crib, sometimes bolts up right and shakes. It can take a good half hour to console him back into a sound slumber. Yet in the morning, he wakes up all smiles and raring to go. The doctor's diagnosis was night terrors.

I'm relieved my tot is alright, but there's nothing more unsettling than knowing my son is scared in his sleep.

Does anyone else have a child who experiences night terrors?