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Baby Perfume: Yay or Nay?

Baby Perfume: Yay or Nay?

Beauty and fashion giant Dolce & Gabbana raised eyebrows last week with the announcement of the launch of a perfume just for babies. The unisex scent, which will be alcohol-free, is expected to launch later this year and will be priced at about $45 a bottle.

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Would you perfume your baby?

Image Source: Daily Mail

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MeganGrothe MeganGrothe 4 years
I can't imagine this new perfume could 'hold a candle' to the smell of my baby girl after her bath and lotion. This wouldn't be for me...
ChelseaDuarte7484 ChelseaDuarte7484 4 years
and women shouldn't be competing because we are all beautiful the way that we are!
ChelseaDuarte7484 ChelseaDuarte7484 4 years
Baby perfume? Seriously? When will these companies stop pressing products that are A completely unessecary or B teaching our children that their worth is measured by a beauty product when their babies. This disgusts me. It's like it's not enough to put our children into beauty competitions by the time their toddlers, Let's make a product for babies that makes them feel the pressure to be attractive at a younger age! (sarcasm) That is just what they need in a society that tells them that they have to be this or wear this to be attractive. And we are just as guilty for buying into these lies and this corruption. God created babies to smell sweet naturally and with a beautiful innocense and it seems like some of these companies just want to take that away from them at younger and younger ages. Our children are becoming more and more messed up and we wonder why? Because we live in a society that teaches young girls that they need certain products to make them happy or they need to be attractive to this guy to find their worth and girls are devaluing themselves and the guys are taking advantage of this because they haven't been taught to be men, but are being turned into women with estrogen being put in our formula and a overtly femenine advertising campaign around every corner. Add to that the fact that women for years have been disrespecting men and calling it "freedom" and it's no wonder why so many"men" are still immature when their suuposed to be mature enough to take care of a family. Men need to be respected so that they can teach their sons how to treat a woman properly so that they can learn to truly stand up for the heart of the young women in our world. This is the only way a woman will ever truly know her own worth, and the only way that a woman can learn to truly respect her husband is by turning to God and looking to what he says about her. It's written all throughout the bible what God thinks of us. In Genesis it teaches us that man was created at the end of everything because he was the most important part of creation, but still God said it was not good. God created woman because without man, things were not good. Woman was created to be beautiful inside and out, to teach men how to have relationships, and to be a sustainer by his side. Until we truly understand our own worth as well as our men's worth, society will keep getting worse and we will keep pointing the finger at everybody else instead of looking at ourselves first. We need to send a message to the world. Stop trying to mess up what God created to be good, to be beautiful and look at start valuing people instead of worshipping money, things, or people. Look to the bible to find your worth and identity. Once we do these things, we will finally understand God and what he created us for!
Tracebooks Tracebooks 4 years
While I know it may be common in Europe, a baby's skin is far more able to absorb things than an adult's. All kinds of crazy things are put in perfume--not to mention the alcohol in it! No, no, no.
ShannanGaughan ShannanGaughan 4 years
Baby perfume is very common in Europe, since my husbands family is all European this is no shock to me. Also i do agree that a freshly bathed baby smells the best but my daughter had reflux and her formula smelled horrible. I only wished i had used it sometimes.
KateLeCornu KateLeCornu 4 years
What a waste of money! I love my baby's smell.
KristenRice KristenRice 4 years
I think it's a great idea and if you have the luxury of extra money to spend on it, go for it! It's nothing the baby product industry hasn't already done with all their perfumed, fragrance laced stuff anyway. It was only a matter of time before someone pitched this concept. Not sure why this is a controversial topic, lol. :)
TracyStuart TracyStuart 4 years
I agree with Christina! I rocked my daughter every night and just buried my nose into her little head to smell her. It's soon enough she's gonna want all the perfumes, let me enjoy the baby smell for the year that I have it out of her WHOLE life.
RobertaSolomon RobertaSolomon 4 years
Nooooo booo babies smell amazing all by their sweet little selves.
CallieWattsThomas CallieWattsThomas 4 years
I think I would just have to smell it, very pricey for baby perfume! To me, nothing beats the smell of just a freshly bathed baby with lotion. They really don't need anything else!
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