Once baby is on its way, mamas-to-be get a crash course in child gearing — the rearing comes later. The thin pink line on the pregnancy stick indicates that it's time to prepare. From nursery themes to stretch mark balm and choosing bottles to taking strollers for test rides, the nine months are jam packed with all kinds of activities.

Some women could care less which carrier and diaper cream they end up with while others don't have time to do the research — so two moms made a business out of lessening the pregnant woman's load. Melissa Gould and Ellie Miller founded The Baby Planners, a service that takes care of all those time consuming tasks for a fee. To see what services they offer,


Offering The Baby Planners Picks, a list of products they endorse and consulting plans like Post Delivery Plan that can include a personal chef, the Adoption Plan and the Grandparent Plan, the women's packages start at $500. The ladies also provide Concierge Services, which take care of everything from having someone video the baby's birth to searching for a nanny.

Would you invest in their services?