So this may not be for easy–queasy stomached people, but it's the truth. Or at least it was for me and nearly every other mom with whom I have discussed this issue.

When I was in the hospital and my newborn had her first tarry bowel movement, it was as if she had been accepted to Stanford. We cheered her on and even documented it on the easy–erase marker board. Go Baby! And then the poops turned that yellowish color and came more frequently, which also made us happy. To find out my shocking discovery,


My senses definitely changed while I was pregnant. I couldn't stand the taste of mint and I could smell things a mile away. So I wasn't sure if my nose was playing tricks on me, but I was fairly certain that every time I changed my daughter's poopy diapers, I got a whiff of buttered popcorn. Yes, I said buttered popcorn! It was as if I was sitting at an afternoon matinee.

Every time I sniff a warm bucket of popcorn oozing with butter, I flinch. Sadly, I don't know if I will ever be able to look at it the same.

Maybe one day way down the line when my children have flown the coop, I will be able to relax with Orville Redenbacher. But for now, we are definitely still on a break.