When it's time for your babe to start eating solid foods, it's time for mama's minor heart palpitations. While chewing and swallowing are second nature to you and me, it's something that every child has to learn. And part of the learning process can include gagging and choking scares.

When my wee one started eating solids, I was terrified. But one thing I found that helped her and gave me a lil piece of mind, was using the Baby Safe Feeder ($6). It was created by a father who almost lost his nine–month–old son to choking.

The nifty gadget allows you to put chewable foods like bananas and avocados into a mesh net, which has a tight screw on lid. Pass it on to baby and let her squeeze out the nutrients in safe portions. It can be messy, but your tot will find a sense of pride in feeding herself.