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12 Chairs to Put Your Baby in – and You Need Them All

12 Chairs to Put Your Baby in – and You Need Them All
Image Source: Evenflo

"You don't have to get one, but you'll be sorry." This was always the answer whenever I'd ask a mom if I'd really need that baby swing, or that infant carrier, or that booster seat. I hadn't even given birth yet, but that well-intentioned motherly fearmongering meant I'd already racked up a registry with seven different products all with the same purpose of providing me a place to put my baby (and that didn't even count the stroller or crib or, you know, my arms).

I winnowed down my own list, but not without first exploring all my baby's leisure-furniture options. Here, my unbiased, extensively researched assessment of the 12 chairs every baby absolutely must sit in . . . or you'll be sorry.

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