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Celebrate the Future Father With a "Dadchelor" Party

Apr 28 2014 - 1:32pm

Before welcoming little ones into the world, women are often thrown a lavish affair to celebrate their impending motherhood. Moms-to-be, however, can't take all the credit for their future baby, even if they're the ones carrying them to term! Celebrating dads-to-be seems to be the latest trend in baby showers, a way to show your appreciation and thank him for all those late-night craving runs. Whether it's a more manly baby shower or an actual "dadchelor" party (as some call it), there's a lot of fun to be had with the theme. From food to entertainment, we have all the tips you need to throw him one last hurrah before baby arrives.

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The Invitations

Sure, most men would be fine with an evite or even a text, but sending formal invitations will make your partner feel special. Create your own, or find some amazing ones on Etsy [2]. We particularly love this set from the Sweet Wishes Store [3] ($18 for 10).

The Food

Whether it's pizza, buffalo wings [4], or a combo of the two [5], serve up your man's favorite treats on his big day. Finger food is always a great option, as you can make a lot of it and it tends to leave your house less of a mess.

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The Diaper Cake

A couple can never have too many diapers, and what better way to present them than as a cake. There are plenty of "manly" options, from basketball to beer, and you don't need the craft gene to create a masterpiece. This golf set is fairly easy to make once you have the instructions [6] ($9).

The Games

Traditional baby shower games [7] can be a bit, well, girlie. Have your hubby and his guests compete in a diaper-changing relay race, or turn the classic basketball game "Horse" into "Baby." If they aren't up to themed entertainment, they can always opt for poker.

The Gift

Chances are you got most of the must-have baby gear [8] at your own shower, so it's silly to send your husband's friends to your registry. If they ask what they can give the dad-to-be, suggest each guest chip in a few bucks toward a diaper fund. Of course, there's no harm in saying that gifts aren't necessary.

The Cake

You can never go wrong with cupcakes or cookies, but if your husband doesn't have a sweet tooth, then we suggest a different type of dessert. Layer your husband's favorite brew [9] to look like a tiered cake. Let him indulge now, because after the baby arrives, he may not have time to actually enjoy his beer.

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