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Baby Shower Games

Bedrest Bash: Games

While you're lounging in your pjs and snacking on pizza, prolong the girl time by playing some fun (not corny) baby games. Make it worth the ladies' while actually presenting the winner with a bottle of champagne or gift certificate for a mani/pedi.

To see what games I like to play at showers,


  • Guess the Belly Size: Bring a spool of yarn or twine and a pair of scissors. Everyone takes a shot at guessing how big the mama–to–be's belly is and cuts their piece. When all the guests have snipped their string, you measure the expectant belly and compare the strings. Whoever guesses closest to the real measurement wins.
  • Blushing Baby Moments: Pass out a piece of paper and pen to each guest. Everyone must write their most embarrassing childhood moment down on the slip and fold it in half. Once all are complete, collect them in a basket. The mama of honor must read them aloud and then try to guess which story belongs to whom.
  • Betting Time: Not so much a game, ask guests to guess the sex, weight, date and length of the baby on one piece of paper. The grid is a fun keepsake for baby's book.
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ufshutterbabe ufshutterbabe 9 years
In my experience, it seems that people are dropping the "cut the yarn" game because pregnant women don't always take kindly to others pointing out how big they are. I don't think I'd enjoy it, myself. How about instead of "blushing baby moments" - "worst parenting disasters" like "I was out with the baby, forgot to stock the diaper bag, ended up fashioning a diaper out of onesie, some paper towels and a paperclip" or something. Paste those in a book (maybe with a funny illustration of the moment. That way, when things get momentarily tough after the baby comes, the new mom will have something to look at and think either "ha! this could be worse" or "at least I'm not the only one."
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