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Would You Throw Grandma-to-Be a Baby Shower?

When women hear they're going to be a grandmother, it's as if they're going through pregnancy all over again (minus the baby bump and cravings). They have to brush up on their burping techniques, stock the house with diapers, and invest in some must-have baby gear. So it's only natural that some grandmothers-to-be would want to celebrate the occasion like they did when they were expecting — with a baby shower. The grandmother baby shower has become a rising trend over the past few years, with women across the country gathering to celebrate the future grandmother with festive food, fun games, and gifts. The purpose of the party, however, is not to steal shine away from the mom-to-be. Rather, it is to prepare these women for their new role.

"It's a recognition of the fact that we're entering into a new phase of our lives," Susan Adcox, a writer at Guide to Grandparents and grandmother of seven, tells "We're not quite prepared for what a change that's going to be in our lives. And to have some close friends who you discuss that and celebrate with is really wonderful." These days, the role of grandparent requires more than squeezing cheeks and slipping the tot a $5 bill. With the rising cost of child care, more couples are relying on their parents to take care of the children while they are at work. When a baby shower is thrown for a grandmother-to-be, they are able to receive tips from their friends, as well as any equipment they may need when their grandchild comes over. While some see this as a "gift grab" opportunity, Lizzie Post says it is a chance for friends of the future grandmother to show their support.

"It's much more a sweet gesture from friends to say, 'We know you're going to be doing a lot with this little baby, and we know you're really excited, so we want to get you set up,'" Post, a spokeswoman for the Emily Post Institute, tells

Still, some people believe throwing a grandmother a baby shower makes the moment less special for the mom-to-be. To deal with this, Post suggests that the grandmother asks the mom-to-be beforehand how she feels.

"It's really important for mothers to realize that this baby is sometimes the best thing to happen to a grandmother in years," Post says. "But it's also important for a grandma and everyone else to recognize, if this is a first-time mom, she might really want to own that role of it being first-time and having it be about her."

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MelanieGroves-Von-Fange1373490977 MelanieGroves-Von-Fange1373490977 3 years

Only self obsessed narcissist would turn the birth of a grandchild into something about them.

JenniferLai1372034338 JenniferLai1372034338 3 years

The unfortunate trend I've been seeing with these 'grandma showers' is the babies primary home (with mom) doesn't always get their needs met first, while grandma has a fully feathered nest that is only used occasionally at best.

I'm all for the celebration of a new phase of ANYONES life, but to overlook the new mom and her new baby to be screams entitlement and selfishness IMO. Leave the shower for the baby and mom, give grandma a congratulatory party, but unless the new mom is on board, it's likely to ruffle some feathers. (It doesn't take much to take babies diapers, blankets, etc when visiting. And overall is a much more cost effective, and less wasteful approach). Give mom her moment in the spotlight, grandma already got to enjoy that same spotlight years ago.

RondaLobach RondaLobach 3 years

I dont think there should be a shower for them. If there are double from the baby shower then the extra can go to grandma's house. We bought all my daughter's stuff for 3 households at yard sales mostly. A grandma's baby shower is not cool. If her friends want to have a party and bring it over fine but don't call it a shower. Its not cool.

TracyStuart TracyStuart 3 years

I completely understand and agree with recognizing how this new life effects more than just the mom and dad to be. I think the focus of the grandma baby shower could be different depending on situations. If grandma will be babysitting a lot, then yes, giving them their own shower with stuff for baby is a good idea. BUT, if that isn't the case, then maybe just a party for grandma and her friends to celebrate the changing of life phases. Doesn't necessarily have to be baby oriented, but just celebrating the new life in their family line.

DonnaMayer DonnaMayer 3 years

Their should also be a shower for the Mom. But this is a good idea for the Grandmom because you wouldn't have as much to carry back and forth to her house. I have bought a lot of stuff at yard sales and thrift stores for my granddaughter but it still is not cheap, it all adds up.

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