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Baby Teeth and Stem Cells

Life Saving Stem Cells Found in Baby Teeth

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Your child's baby teeth may be worth more than money from the tooth fairy. New research shows that baby teeth contain some of the same potentially life-saving stem cells as the cord blood that new parents bank upon their children's births. The use of tooth stem cells has only been tested in animals, but researchers say that the 10-20 stem cells each tooth can provide may be the key to curing many life-threatening ailments. Last year, 40 percent of lilsugar readers said they would be willing to pay the thousands of dollars it costs to collect and store cord blood, but with the baby tooth option costing half of that, more moms and dads may be willing to test it out. Would you?

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runningesq runningesq 8 years
It does, imariec ... the teeth are kept frozen, I think (I saw a very brief segment)
imariec imariec 8 years
I still have all my baby teeth saved. I wonder if this requires a special saving method.
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