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Baby Wellness: Babyproofing Services

Every parent has that moment when they realize the time has come to convert their home into a baby zone. When our time came, I followed the advice of friends and relatives and got on the floor to see what the place looked like from a baby’s point of view. That’s how I decided which corners looked sharp enough to cover, which cabinets looked tempting to open and which cords were too inviting. After a trip to the local baby store, we were armed with the pads, locks and covers we thought we needed to keep our tot safe.

Times seem to be changing though. Leaving the pediatrician’s office the other day, I saw a brochure for a babyproofing firm that provides an in-home diagnostic analysis of your safety needs for $75. The fee is good towards the actual safety products if you choose to have them install them for you. I was floored at the thought of paying for common sense. But after speaking with several friends, I learned they had hired these firms and felt much safer having paid someone to do their dirty work.

Are babyproofers popular in your area? Would you hire them?


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schnappycat schnappycat 9 years
While it does seem silly to pay for common sense, I can almost see the need to have someone help me figure out HOW to solve a few of my baby-proofing issues. I have a few areas that I just don't know how to make safer without totally changing a few things important to me (my entertainment/TV system is one that I'm stumped about--cords everywhere at ground level and that sort of thing). Obviously, I know I have to do something, but haven't figured it out yet. I have a few months yet, but am starting to plan what needs to be done. I doubt I'll go the paying route, but it's nice to know I can call someone who has seen it all and can offer guidance if it comes to that.
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