When big babies make their way into the world, sometimes something has to give and in my son's case it was his collarbone. My lil guy's debut was a bit of a struggle. As all nine pounds and four ounces of him squeezed down the birth canal, he fractured his clavicle, which connects the sternum to the shoulder.

Had my lil sister, who weighed in at 12 pounds, 6 ounces, not broken hers when being born, I would have worried. But, since I remembered that the bones reconnect rather quickly on their own and all I'd have to do was scoop my baby up carefully to avoid antagonizing the tear, we checked in with our pediatrician and the break healed in a matter of months. To learn how the clavicle breaks,


According to WebMD:

Occasionally during delivery of an otherwise healthy baby, the forces involved in trying to deliver the baby from the mother can break the collarbone. This is the most common bone broken during delivery. This is usually detected in the hospital, and the baby recovers well.

Even more rarely, a physician may have to break the infant's collarbone in order to deliver the baby safely. This only occurs when a process known as shoulder dystocia develops. There are many other techniques available to overcome this, so it is rarely practiced today.