The tough financial times have left many pinching pennies to get by. One item that you should never skimp on, however, is your baby's formula. A young mom in Florida recently learned this the hard way. She had been watering down her five-month-old's formula in order to make it last longer and save a few bucks, but her infant ended up being rushed to the hospital, put on a ventilator, and diagnosed with water intoxication.

Luckily the little boy is recovering, but it's important to know that in general a baby's developing body is not ready to take on water. In fact, babies can’t usually handle extra water in their diet until they are at least 10-months-old. Adding too much water to concentrated formula (or adding water to ready-to-use formulas) can cause low blood sodium levels, irritability, coma, and even permanent brain damage.

Avoid potential water intoxication in your infant by carefully following the instructions on the formula's label. If you have any questions, contact your pediatrician.