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Babymel Diaper Bag Review

Babymel x2 Diaper Bag Does Double Duty


Just when I thought I'd seen the end-all-be-all of diaper bags, I was sent the Babymel x2 to review. Specifically designed for parents of twins, it's perfection for any mom on the go. The designers created a two-in-one satchel that easily detaches so mom can carry only what she needs.

This bag is ideal for the following mamas:

Mums of Twins: Mothers with twins can pack a separate bag for each tot. Instead of trying to decipher which bottle belongs to whom, they can easily reach into the babe's particular side leaving confusion and concern out of the equation.

Moms of Varied Ages: Often times, moms of two have to double check sizes of diapers before putting them on their youngsters. A tiny infant wouldn't do well in a size five diaper and a 30 pound toddler would look ridiculous in a nappy that's too tight. Keep their goodies isolated by divvying up the loot. And, if mum has to drop one child off at daycare, she can release the bag with two simple clicks and take the other with her.

To see uses for this bag,


Traveling Mommies: Flying with junior is always a challenge. Typically mamas pack a bag of entertainment goodies, snacks, books, and crayons. Always armed for diaper duty, she's usually got another bag full of creams, wipes and pampers. The Babymel x2 relieves some of her stress by carrying it all in one. Mama can relax until she gets to her seat at which point she can stow the toy portion of the bag under the seat in front of her and tuck the parcel full of diapers in the overhead to be retrieved during times of need.

Any Mom: When less is more, mom can unsnap one of the totes and leave the house with whichever color fits her fancy. When mummy is heading somewhere for an extended period of time and she needs more space, she can easily fasten the other side to the hooks to be doubly equipped.

A unique concept, the construction of the bag is well thought out and executed. The Babymel x2 has secretive zippered pouches on each side allowing baby bottles and sippy cups stability and insulation. Inside the zip style totes are two changing pads and plenty of pouches for rattles and the like.

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