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Try as we might, we can't put our children in a bubble. Parents do try their best to protect their tots by babyproofing their homes with products designed to keep them safe. While 95 percent of moms and dads take safety measures after a baby's arrival, a new study reveals that half wait until their kids are mobile to do so. According to the Home Safety Council, a national nonprofit organization that works to prevent injuries in the home, "50 percent [of parents] waited until their children were already crawling and able to get into dangerous situations on their own." The Home Safety Council has teamed up with Toys 'R' Us to create a brochure with tips for creating a safe environment for lil ones from the day they are born. Did you start babyproofing your home before or after your wee one was crawling? Or did you skip the process all together?

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MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
Our only baby proofing until just recently was a baby gate in the kitchen entryway, and having her door open and the rest closed. When she hit around 18 months old she turned into daredevil baby. She wants to climb everything, including the bookshelves and tv stand. So we swapped our tall and narrow tv stand for a sturdy dresser type, and blocked off the areas where the bookshelves are. She has a completely one track mind when it comes to climbing, i think shed climb the walls if she could get purchase. It's not surprising, i was the exact same way. There wasn't a tree I wasn't in. We also put the plastic covers on plugs because she became very interested in them.
Chouette4u Chouette4u 7 years
The only thing we really did was use the plastic socket plug things and replace our glass-top coffee table with a cushy ottoman. I think the whole baby proofing thing has been really over-hyped.
Moms Moms 7 years
We didn't babyproof aside from getting rid of a rectangular glass coffee table that was just too much of a risk.
Chrstne Chrstne 7 years
My parents didn't baby-proof really. The staircase in our house was blocked by a door, so when it came time to crawl, I could never get near there. Once I could walk and stuff they freely left the door open. They never did baby-proofing in the sense that I am thinking...they didn't put cushions on the walls or put padding on the floor or ends of tables. I wasn't an entirely curious baby, maybe since nothing was really off-limits for me. I didn't get into trouble, and rarely got hurt. For me...I am paranoid about tables. When my brother was younger, he and his friends were playing, and his friend pushed him, and so he fell over and hit his head on the picnic table (outside at preschool) and needed stitches. I don't want to have to replay that bloody scene.
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