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Is It Fair to Compare Child Rearing to Raising Pets?

Motherhood certainly wasn't a pivotal plot point on ABC's The Bachelor season 14 opener, but it did come up. When asked what she thinks about getting married, having kids, and furry friends, contestant Alexa, a 25-year-old entrepreneur, said, "Dogs are even trickier . . . Dogs are even trickier."

It may have been an editing trick, but the soundbite (among many others) sure struck a chord with me. I adore man's best friend, and I respect how much effort, time, attention, and love pets require, but hearing her say that just made me wince. On the other hand, I know many couples who adopted pets to test their parental instincts. Seventy-one percent of PetSugar readers admit they consider themselves "mama" or "daddy" to their pets, but is it fair to compare raising tots and Toto?

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lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
First of all, I watched this and I'm 99.9% sure she was kidding. People are rarely serious when they say this kind of thing and everything, from her body language to her tone of voice, to the fact that she chuckled, told me she was being facetious. Secondly, no, of course they are not the same, but yes, I do see what some are saying about how there are comparisons you could draw between the two.
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
lol, the practices are not anywhere near the same, however they ARE comparable. You've obviously never had a young puppy. Try leaving a puppy alone with food and water and not only will you come home to lots of poop and pee piles all over your house, depending on how long you've been gone/the tempermant of your puppy lots of furniture, clothing, shoes, etc will probably be chewed up becuase of a dogs natural need to chew. Secondly, even if you crate it, you cannot leave it alone more then a few hours becuase it needs to use the bathroom.
RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 7 years
Oh my god. This person obviously seems to think you're done raising your child once he or she doesn't run away and doesn't pee in bed any more.
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
I think its a sad day for animals that despite being totally dependent upon our care, they don't rank very high on most peoples lists. I think you can definitely compare them, and should, because they require more responsibility and effort then most people put forth. I don't think they are ANYWHERE near equal, however, espescially in terms like maturity, a puppy can become a well mannered animal in less then 6 months, a baby requires several years before they can be left unattended. Obviously this is stupid and markety.
cyanste cyanste 7 years
I agree with the first anon. I compare raising a dog to raising a kid. They don't compare equally to each other but have their own issues that really make me think about if it's time for a child. (Raising a dog is pretty tricky, especially because training is such a pain!)
HoneyBrown1976 HoneyBrown1976 7 years
No, there's no comparison. Those that do equate parenting with raising pets are delusional.
xgreenfairyx xgreenfairyx 7 years
Sure its the same. Only when a human bites you, you can't put them down. Darn.
isabelle315 isabelle315 7 years
I just don't see how there can be any comparison. I have two dogs, and it does take responsibility and time, and you do have to plan around them to make sure they're taken care of.... but it is nothing compared to having a child. The physical, emotional, and mental demands of having a pet just do not hold a candle to those of having a child. I think the only way a person could think they're the same is if they haven't had kids.
jenni5 jenni5 7 years
I guess to some people it is the same. But not to me. I leave my dog by herself in the yard, at home alone for hours. Couldn't do this with a baby.
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