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Back-to-School Shopping Days to Avoid

The 5 Worst Days For Back-to-School Shopping

Parents may be prepping for kids to head back to school now, but Foursquare is recommending you hold off on heading to the stores on specific dates in August and September due to the crowds. Based on check-in data from department stores, electronics stores, clothing retailers, and school supply/office supply stores, the social networking company is advising parents to avoid back-to-school shopping on Aug. 18, Aug. 11, Aug. 4, Sept. 2, and Aug. 25, in that order.

"Generally, the best time to shop is the morning," a representative of Foursquare says. "Late afternoon and evening are the peak hours."

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ShaynaSunderland ShaynaSunderland 3 years
Marlene, I totally agree. I have 5 kids so I have been school shopping for years:) I always stock up on a few things during "the sale". Filler paper, composition notebooks, glue sticks...pretty much all the things that are 25 or 50 cents for that short while.
ShaynaSunderland ShaynaSunderland 3 years
TamitaKea, Marlene, Sherri, and Heather exclued.
ShaynaSunderland ShaynaSunderland 3 years
Do people get on these sights for information or for judging, editing practice and preaching. I clicked because I was curious what the 5 days were according to Patricia. I scrolled down to see if anyone else had left any useful comments ABOUT HOW HORRIBLE SCHOOL SHOPPING IS AND HOW YOU CAN AVOID IT! You guys sound mean and judgmental.
ChelseaDuarte7484 ChelseaDuarte7484 3 years
Actually Heather, Saturday is Yahweh's true Sabbath. It says over and over again in the bible that the Sabbath is the seventh day of the week, not the first (which is Sunday.) Unfortunately many Christians and Catholics are taught that Sunday is the Sabbath of God, just as Christians are also led to believe that pagan worship days, such as Christmas and Easter are the Lord's Birthday and resurrection. I know because I was in the Christian church for many years. However, Jews for the most part have kept the original Sabbath and the original feast days of the Lord, unfortunately many of them have also rejected the first coming and resurrection of Messiah ("Jesus", or "Yeshua" as he is known by the Jews) Read more about it here if you like. I used to be a Christian and thought that I was doing God's will by attending church on Sunday and celebrating Christmas, Easter and Valentines Day. I now understand that just like Halloween, these celebrations have pagan influences and therefore I don't feel right about celebrating them anymore. It states in the beginning right in Genesis that God "separated the light from the darkness" and it says over and over again in the bible that God hates mixture. To mix spiritual truth with paganism is to profane what God has called "holy." You can read more about it here if you like: Good luck and God bless!
TamitaKea TamitaKea 3 years
Anywhere that has a tax-free weekend are the worst days! Here in VA it was from 8/2-8/4. The first day was horrid everywhere, with Wally World being the worst at my location with them not only doing renovations, but having all of the school supplies corralled in three VERY narrow aisles, where you basically were forced to go one way if someone was already in there! It was like having to do a holding pattern when there were several in those aisles! Also, they had some stuff in the LAWN AND GARDEN dept. as well due to renovations! I went on the last day, 8/4, but it was still chaotic in there! My son's K-class at his school insisted on jumbo crayons. For some reason, they were out, so I then went to a parent/teacher supply store, target, and finally, Toys R Us. Next year for Crayola stuff, that's gonna be my first stop!
Rebecca14773834 Rebecca14773834 3 years
That's what I meant by horrible editing/writing. The way it comes across (as you are reading it) is awkward and if it was "in that order" by rank of "most busy to least", then the article should really make that more clearer to the readers. It threw me off at first (which is why I had to read it more than once).
Kate95405 Kate95405 3 years
In that order- meaning 8/18 is the worst, 8/11 is the next worst day 8/25 is the "best" of the worst days. Order refers to ranking- not the actual dates. Duh.
SherryFrancis SherryFrancis 3 years
I think "in that order" meant from most busy to least, the 11th being not as bad as the 18th, maybe.
Rebecca14773834 Rebecca14773834 3 years
I had to read this twice. Horrible editing in this article. How can you avoid school supply shopping on the dates mentioned "in that order"? It's impossible to go from August 18th to August 11th to August 4th, then forward to September 2nd and then back to August 25th. Not unless you have a time machine. Our calender doesn't go "in that order". It should have been written: August 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th and September 2nd, in THAT order. Duh. Best time to get school supplies to avoid large crowds, is 9 or 10pm at night (like at Walmart).
MarleneRodgers MarleneRodgers 3 years
I feel like back-to-school shopping is a bit of a dubious concept - a marketing ploy to get us into the stores at a specific time, and create excitement in our kids so they will pressure us to get them more things. In past years, I've tended to shop gradually as the season changes from summer to fall. The summer clothes usually make sense those first couple of weeks of school, and then as the days get colder, we start pulling last year's fall stuff out of storage and seeing what fits and what doesn't. Then I buy the pieces that my daughter actually needs around the end of september, or in october, when that fall merchandise is more radically reduced in price. I try to discourage the idea that a new backpack is needed each year (my daughter would love that, but...), and wait for the teacher to give us a list before randomly buying school supplies. HOWEVER, all that said, my daughter is turning 12 this year, and shopping has become a big priority for her, and she is very much wanting to do a more formal "back-to-school" shopping trip. So I guess I'll dig through the storage boxes a bit earlier this year to see what we need, but still try to encourage the approach that we only buy the pieces we need - we don't need to arbitrarily buy a whole new wardrobe just because school is back in session!
SheriPinnixGeorge SheriPinnixGeorge 3 years
That is the day most sales start, so people will rush out to get the items before they are sold out.
HeatherTremblay HeatherTremblay 3 years
I see that most of these dates are Sundays. I was very surprised to see this. I try not to shop on Sundays, it's the Sabbath, we go to church as a family on Sunday and then it's a family day. I thought Saturdays would be listed as the day not to shop.
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