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Back-to-School Time Capsule

How to Make a Back-to-School Time Capsule

The following post was originally featured on Giggles Galore and written by Mariah Leeson, who is part of POPSUGAR Select Moms.

My twins start kindergarten this year and with the start of school looming I'm starting to feel a little nostalgic about my babies starting this new chapter in their life. I'm excited for them and me to be honest (hello to a full day of getting work done without interruptions!) but I'm also a little bit sad that those two tiny little people actually aren't that little anymore! Last year when my oldest daughter started school we started a new family tradition with a Back to School Time Capsule, which I originally shared on Living Locurto, and in light of my babies heading off to kindergarten it just seemed appropriate to share it here on Giggles Galore.

The beginning of the school year is such a busy time for families, full of excitement and new adventures. But it always seems to fly by way too fast and before long the details you swore you would never forget are just distant memories. So why not start your own family tradition and preserve those precious memories with a Back to School Time Capsule.


When my kids were little I used to roll my eyes at people who would tell me "cherish every moment, it goes by way too fast" but now I know exactly what they were talking about! Last year my oldest daughter started kindergarten and I couldn't believe how much she changed throughout the year. I wish that I had done more than snap that obligatory 1st day of school photo so I could really see how much she had grown and changed throughout the year. Which is why this year I decided to make a back to school time capsule to record important details from the school year and years to come!
You can make your own Back to School Time Capsule with a few craft supplies.

1. Gather your supplies.

You will need scrapbook paper, a box to hold your treasures (I used a paper mache book from the craft section at Hobby Lobby), embellishments, glue and craft paint.

2. Cover the box with scrapbook paper and paint any sides that aren't covered with paper.

3. Once the paint is dry, cut paper to fit on the inside of your box and glue it down.

4. Next, use a hole punch or an eyelet setter to punch holes in each side of your book.

String ribbon through the holes and tie a bow to keep your time capsule sealed.

5. Add embellishments to the outside or put your child's name on it.

6. Finally, add treasures to the time capsule that will serve as a reminder of how much your little one changed throughout the year.

We included a hand print, a piece of ribbon which measured her height, the necklace she wore the first day of school, and a First Day of School Interview (get the free download here). Other ideas for things to include in your time capsule are special notes or trinkets they get on the first day of school and a self portrait or picture from the first day of school. We also plan to add special items throughout the year to our back to school time capsule.

We will open the time capsule the last day of school to rediscover the treasures, add our End of School Interview and see how much she has grown throughout the year!

I hope you'll start a new family tradition and preserve special memories this year with your own Back to School Time Capsule, I'd love to see what you create if you do! I'd also love to hear what your family's special back to school traditions are. Don't forget to check out our other creative school themed parties and projects:

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