First day jitters are nothing new. As adults we experience them when we start a new job, move to a new city or go on a first date. For children who don't know any better, nerves can be scary.

Whether they are going to school for the very first time, attending a new school or even veterans of the back-to-school process, your lil one may be bottling up some trepidation for their first day. Before heading off to class, be sure to spend some time addressing their fears and seeking out the ones that they are too shy to discuss aloud. Take a look at our tips for reassuring your child.

  • Plan a visit. If your child's school offers it, see if her teacher can drop in for a visit and introduce herself to your tot. In doing so, your child will make a connection between the person who visited their home and the person in their classroom.
  • Go on a field trip. If the teacher can't visit your home, visit the teacher at the school. Show your child where his classroom will be, who his teacher is and where he can find the bathroom. One kiddo concern is the possibility of having an accident in school. By mapping out their route to the potty, you will alleviate that stress.
  • Schedule some dates. If your child is new to the school experience, or attending a new school, peruse the class list and arrange a few playdates prior to the first day. This way, when she enters her classroom, she will recognize some faces.
  • Set your clocks. The lazy days of Summer may have your lil one (and you) used to sleeping in and lounging around. Ease the shock of an early morning alarm by gradually pushing the clock back in the days leading up to the first day.

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  • Talk it out. Discussing what school will be like and what the teachers expect will help quell fears. Talk about the fun things your child can expect like snacks, music and a water/sand table.
  • Read up. There are plenty of books about going to school, like First Day Jitters that may help your child relate to others that are experiencing some nervousness.
  • Plan a special meal. Let your lil one help plan a special celebratory meal they can look forward to once they have completed their first day – be it lunch at their favorite place after pick-up or their favorite dinner with the family at home.