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“Bad Mothering” Lawsuit Dismissed...Again

“Bad Mothering” Lawsuit Dismissed...Again

Have your kids ever hurled an "I hate you Mom!" your way when you corrected their behavior...or denied them desert?

Great Barrington, Illinois siblings Steven A. Miner, 23, and Kathryn Miner, 20,were so sure that their mom, Kimberly Garrity, was worthy of contempt that they sued her for bad parenting. Their evidence: in the years following Garrity's divorce from their dad, she "sometimes didn’t include gifts in cards sent to her children; played favorites with her children; told her son, then 7, during a car ride that she would take him to the police station if he didn’t buckle his seat belt...and refused to buy Kathryn a homecoming dress."

You may be relieved to hear, as we were, that the First District Appellate Court of Illinois did not deem Garrity's parenting oversights to be worthy of a lawsuit, but rather "behavior that is ... sometimes less than generous or fully sensitive to the material and emotional needs of her children."


Read the whole story at The Daily Herald

Can you parent well without ever making your kids hate you?

Image Source: Steve Gatto via Flickr/Creative Commons

KellieFlores KellieFlores 6 years
Oh, her kids are brats and maybe her daughter was being a snot and she didn't deserve the dress anyways. This is what's wrong with this country. "Kids with a false sense of entitlement".
RebeccaLucas RebeccaLucas 6 years
While I agree that the whole case was a waste of time, I have to ask this: What kind of a parent must their mother have been to bring up two such ungrateful, selfish people?"
AnneHare71786 AnneHare71786 6 years
OMG!! The spoilt ungratedful unapriciative little s***s!!! Jinny has it exactly right!! X
CoMMember13630045607843 CoMMember13630045607843 6 years
it sounds like these kids need an old fashion spanking
SusmitaRamaniSimpson SusmitaRamaniSimpson 6 years
Man, what a couple of crybabies. True justice would have seen the kids sentenced to life without parole in a developing country, forced to search for water. Entitlement rears its extremely ugly head.
HazelGriffith HazelGriffith 6 years
All kids hate thief moms and dads at one point in time but when we have kids of our own then we start to appreciate what our parents went through with us
CoMMember13631155308109 CoMMember13631155308109 6 years
Not at all caring if they hate me when they are expected to do or NOT do something, thats on their head. I give them what is expected and expect that they do the same when it comes to their chores or homework or behaviour. Spare the rod spoil the child..... Honor thy mother and father... I dont abuse my role as a parent, but I will not back down from being one. They always thank me in the end
BarbaraCard BarbaraCard 6 years
People who make accusations should back those words up with substantial evidence or just get the heck over their self-indulgence. I have a family member who has systematically utilized my caring nature to attempt to turn my children against me for the last 3 decades, when this did not produce the effects she was seeking she turned her victimizing toward my grand children. I pray that while she sits in her own self-indulgence that our Lord brings her what she so desperately needs....(and not what she wants)
AlbaTollinchi AlbaTollinchi 6 years
Omg this is so mot right
MeganAustin MeganAustin 6 years
What I don't get is why the judge said that her behaviour was "sometimes less than generous or fully sensitive to the material and emotional needs of her children." What emotional need does a homecoming dress fulfil? When I went to my prom, I paid for everything myself: the ticket, the dress and all the accessories that went with it. These children sound like self-indulgent young adults that will get nowhere in life if they expect everything handed to them on a silver platter.
MichelleFord81074 MichelleFord81074 6 years
Think these 20+year olds should grow up...absolutly rediculous....good laugh at this...Spoilt brats
HeatherScheelsSanborn HeatherScheelsSanborn 6 years
This is ridiculous. Sounds alot more like good parenting to me. Sounds like she tried her best to keep them safe. Not having money all the time does not mean u are a bad parent. In a way, it is almost better, U think that would make the children less selfish. I guess in their case, it didn't work.
MelanieC56004 MelanieC56004 6 years
This kids who sue their parents are the self centered type of kid. I hope they will learn when they have a kid of their own, and I hope that their kids will not doing the same thing they did to their mother, because saying says that YOU WILL REAP WHAT YOU SOW!
GabrielleWolfStahl GabrielleWolfStahl 6 years
what nasty little ungrateful maggots...
BrittanyRogers29598 BrittanyRogers29598 6 years
I feel ashamed to say I'm the age of these children. None of those things sited even give way to an abusive mother, just a down on her luck one, and in certain aspect, a mother who wanted her son to wear his seat bet so HE WOULDN'T DIE. My God. What selfishly stupid and greedy children. Sounds like this is more a result of the divorce, though, with them taking Daddy's side and convinced Mommy is the devil. What the hell. :(
JenniferSkains JenniferSkains 6 years
These kids sound like monsters!
JinnyBurford JinnyBurford 6 years
Thought this is on the same subject: "I had the meanest mother in the world. While other kids had candy for breakfast, I had to eat cereal, eggs, and toast. While other kids had cakes and candy for lunch, I had a sandwich. As you can guess, my dinner was different from other kids' dinners, too. My mother insisted on knowing where we were at all times. You'd think we were on a chain gang or something. She had to know who our friends were and what we were doing. I'm ashamed to admit it, but she actually had the nerve to break the child labor law. She made us work. We had to wash dishes, make the beds and learn how to cook. That woman must have stayed awake nights thinking up things for us kids to do. And she insisted that we tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. By the time we were teenagers, she was much wiser and our life became more unbearable. None of this tooting the car horn for us to come running; she embarrassed us to no end by insisting that friends come to the door to get us. I forgot to mention that most of our friends were allowed to date at the mature age of 12 or 13, but our old fashioned Mother refused to let us date until we were 15. She really raised a bunch of squares. None of us were ever arrested for shoplifting or busted for dope. And who do we have to thank for that? You're right, our mean mother. I'm trying to raise my children to stand a little straighter and taller and I am secretly tickled to pieces when my children call me mean. I thank God for giving me the meanest Mother in the world. Our country doesn't need a good five cent cigar. It needs more mean Mothers like mine. Blessings on that wonderful woman." -Author Unknown
KelleFlear KelleFlear 6 years
how ridiculous. So the mom said no to something... I didn't get things my folks couldn't afford - if that meant prom, oh well. Got a friend to make it and I paid for it. I have also told my kids about police -- maybe a heavy threat about the seat belt - but for all we know it was an ongoing battle so the mom said something she hoped would stir obedience. Either way, glad it was thrown out, what a joke. And I agree Natalie -- if thye don't 'hate' you then they must be getting everything. I know I have reached a mom milestone when my kids yell they hate me... only later to apologize because they know I am usually right, and I get hugs of love too.
NicoleNewman69347 NicoleNewman69347 6 years
this is ridiculous, i mean, its law to wear your seatbelt. Oh and maybe she didn't have the money to buy a homecoming dress, my goodness, parenting is hard enough with out inconsiderate children, you'd think that at 20 and 23 they would of understood a few things. May god give us mother/parents strength.
CarlenaJohnson CarlenaJohnson 6 years
Like Someone said. If your kids NEVER "hate" you at some point, you aren't doing your job as a parent right.
Jackie55700 Jackie55700 6 years
Wow my kids love me
NatalieFrisbie NatalieFrisbie 6 years
If your kids don't "hate" you at some point, you are obviously giving them everything they want and raising self-centered jerks.
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