Diaper bags can get overstuffed with junk in no time. In an effort to keep them tidy and manageable, I have started to use some convenient disposable diaper bags by Bags on Board. I know what you're thinking. . . they look like the baggies people use to collect dog poop. Well, you're right. Made by the same people who make doggie and cat trash bags, the diaper bags are tightly rolled up into a fist sized container that clips onto the diaper bag strap or stroller frame making them a cinch to snag in a stinky moment.

The next time you're lunching at your friend's house and Junior has an accident, you won't be embarrassed to hand her a heaping diaper. Instead, the messy nappy will be discreetly stashed away in a scented bag that never even made it into your orderly diaper bag!