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Bar Mitvah Video Goes Viral

13-Year-Old's Bar Mitzvah Dance Goes Viral

Just how big of a celebration should a child’s bar mitzvah be? If you have a child like Sam Horowitz, whose dancing is infectious, then perhaps you’d pull out all the stops with a musical show, too. The YouTube video of Sam’s bar mitvah performance to Jennifer Lopez’s “Dance Again” at the Omni Hotel in Dallas has gone viral, and fans can't get enough! Some viewers are critical of his parents turning a religious ceremony into a Las Vegas-like show. But there’s no denying it — Sam’s thrilled with the festivities.

To see Sam dance, read the whole story on theStir.

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KellyWalkerEveritt KellyWalkerEveritt 3 years
It's crazy but if the parents wanted too and could afford it why not. It's the after party. How is this any different from a Quinceanera or debutante ball? They can be crazy big and expensive. And let's not even talk about some weddings. The parents wanted to make that a fun special day fir their son. Who are we to judge.
AliciaMagnellGarrity AliciaMagnellGarrity 3 years
Its crazy how much money people spend and think its acceptable. Its wonderful for there son yes, i agree,but kids that dont have this kind of money or parents that dont get bullied and made fun of. Parents need to consider how much they are affecting other communities with this kind of over spending. To most families this is unattainable. Its turning our children into lazy brats that think they are entitled to this kind of splurging. I realize it is a once in a lifetime kind of party for most but its just too over the top!!
AliciaMagnellGarrity AliciaMagnellGarrity 3 years
This is ridiculous!!! It shows
EmiliaKoiler1370721671 EmiliaKoiler1370721671 3 years
I agree. If his parents have the money and they're okay with it, why not? All a parent ever wants is for their child to be happy (and safe and that other stuf lol) My parents wouldn't have liked that, but I am a professional dancer, and at 15 I did a slightly shll we say precocious jazz number which is somewhat of the sme situation... my froend's parents were horrified. Hehe
DanielleF40710 DanielleF40710 3 years
This was obviously not happening in the temple during the religious ceremony. This was the party afterward, so I do to think it was making a mockery of the Jewish religion.
RachelMoss85059 RachelMoss85059 3 years
The size of the celebration is, I agree, a bit - no, a lot! - over the top, but I think it's great that the parents are supporting their son's love of dance! I know so many dads (and some mums, too) who would flip out if their son wanted to dance this way, but these parents have gone above and beyond in support and the kid did a great job! Kudos!
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