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Over the years, Barbie has become one of the most controversial items in the toy store. From her unrealistic proportions to her antifeminist attitude, the doll has been deemed a bad role model for young girls — and even boys. In an effort to erase this negative stereotype, Mattel launched The Barbie Project, a video that documents how children actually play with their dolls.

"Don't tell kids how to play with Barbies," the campaign slogan says. "Let them show us." And that's exactly what the kids did. When left alone, minus the hidden camera, children had their dolls take on a variety of roles such as teacher, veterinarian, superhero, and even a lizard monster. Mattel hopes the video shows that Barbie, like any other toy, is used based on the child's imagination.

How does your child play with their Barbie?

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AurelasRainsong1382721705 AurelasRainsong1382721705 3 years

I am a feminist who grew up playing with Barbie and still loves making clothes for her. Wanting more Barbie clothes was a major impetus for me to learn to sew at a very early age. I never thought Barbie was supposed to look realistic any more than I thought any of my other "cute little kid" dolls was. When my sister and I played with Barbies they had all sorts of adventures, and many had their own personalities that we created. I remember that I had one who was always scheming, one who opened her own flower shop (it was on the roof of the homemade cardboard box Barbie house I kept adding to until my mom threw it away), etc. Of course we played like they got married and went to the beach, but they also explored the Amazon and went to the moon and sometimes discovered our dinosaur toys lol. For me the only negative thing I got from Barbie came from reading the little fictional books about her, in which everything she does is so perfect that I despaired because I could never be so sweet and kind and talented at absolutely everything under the sun.

TammyBaugh TammyBaugh 3 years

Good for them! Personally I have always hated Barbie. I still do. I even cringed whenever my daughters wanted me to buy any of the dolls for them to play with years ago. Then again I was raised to create my own toys and to think for myself.I was happiest that way.

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