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Bare is Beautiful: Are Exposed Pregnant Bellies a Growing Trend?

Letting it all hang out seems to be the new haute couture for Hollywood mamas-to-be, according to fashion pages and writer Mary Elizabeth Williams.

Think Kate Hudson and her belly-flaunting ensembles. She’s one of a slew of pregnant celebrities who have showed off their bulging tums in public, making it more widely acceptable, and some say even sexy. But it was Demi Moore’s infamous Vanity Fair cover 20 years ago that first brought the pregnant belly into the limelight. Since then, flaunting the bump has become almost a fashion trend for pregnant celebrities. But has it trickled down? Do any of us mere mortals dare to go that bare?

In a Circle of Moms community where the celebrity belly trend is a hot topic
reactions are mixed. Some moms applaud the idea that pregnant women are sexy and attractive, and say bare is beautiful. Others cringe at the thought of exposing their own pregnant mid-sections.

During her first pregnancy, Sarah M. says she dressed conservatively, but the second time around, she felt more comfortable with her body and showed off her bump with figure-shaping clothing. Still, she says, she never dared to completely bare her bump.


"I never showed off my bare bump," says Sarah. "With my first baby, I didn't even buy maternity clothes, I just wore baggy tops! I felt really unattractive though, so with my second I invested in some maternity wear. I wore tight tops that showed off my bump, but I never wore anythng that showed off any flesh."

Katie M. cringes when she remembers the yellow fleece jumper and tracksuit pants that were her uniform throughout her pregnancy. "Mortification, call the fashion police," she says. She was teased by people who asked: "Hey egg, when are you going to hatch?" "It was awful," she recalls.

"I personally believe that a pregnant belly is one of the most beautiful things in the world," says Cassie C. "I wore both loose baggy shirts that showed off my bump," she continues. "I never allowed my actual stomach to show because I believe that is not something classy people do. I don't walk around with my stomach showing when I'm not pregnant so I'm not going to do it while I am pregnant."

Taking the trend to the next level, a growing number of moms-to-be are posting photos of their growing bellies on Facebook and Circle of Moms.

“I did it for family and friends who live all the way across Canada to see the progression,” says Danica C. “I have one with me making a heart over my belly. I think pregnancy is a beautiful thing, and why should I be ashamed of my bump?”

But Danica says she received negative feedback from her family. “Well, it comes down to my mom being extremely offended that they are there for all to see,” she says.

Would you bare your belly in public? What do you think when Hollywood stars do it, and now ordinary people?

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of, and should not be attributed to, POPSUGAR.

Join The Conversation
BrendaDoolin BrendaDoolin 5 years
Just because you can doesn't mean you should. I'm a big fan of modesty in clothing whether a woman is pregnant or not.
AmberChristy AmberChristy 5 years
I don't mind it, so long as it's just a bare belly and not a bare body. That's just not my thing. I'm not a fan of baring my own belly though, mostly because I'm all stretch marked up, like a lot of women. But, I do wear fitted maternity clothes that show it off without showing any skin. :)
KatieBona KatieBona 5 years
I love a naked belly bump!! However, i am a chubette and it looks hideous :) No offense to other chubbers, but this is a look reserved only for the skinny skinny preggos, and only earlier in pregnency when the bum is cute and not road mapped with stretch marks! LOL. I would totally do it if my tummy was nice looking!! I wont even wear form fiiting maternity wear and it is soo hard to find anything loose that is remotely flattering!
CoMMember13610105545513 CoMMember13610105545513 5 years
Showing a bare pregancy belly is so common in Brazil, it's hard to understand why it's even an issue in the US.
TrixyKinard TrixyKinard 6 years
When i was pregnant with my son I didnt bare my belly in public but I would let someone touch my belly if they asked me 1st. now that i'm pregnant again sometimes I will have my belly showing. the only reason I sometimes walk around with my belly showing is because my son likes to rub my belly. when I did that a few women asked me if i was overdue. now my belly is even bigger & now that my belly button is out i like to show my belly since this is my last pregnancy.
JessicaFlynn50283 JessicaFlynn50283 6 years
I am 35 weeks now n am personally a lil dissapointed that I won't get to wear my bikini at all until after this baby comes out. I love it n I think it's one of the most beautiful things ever!!
susana4u susana4u 6 years
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MonicaMyers MonicaMyers 6 years
With my first pregnancy I only showed off my belly if someone asked to see it, I was at the pool, or to take a picture until the stretch marks showed up then it was pictures only... and for my second pregnancy [which I'm in now] I barely want to take picture the flab and stretch marks to me is just not attractive... but that's me I think belly's should be covered in public... but I do think it's a beautiful thing :D
LindaLeanneEustace LindaLeanneEustace 6 years
I covered up with all three pregnancies just out of respect for myself. The only time i showed off my bump was in the shower, the pool and for my husband.
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