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Basic Mom in the Morning

If This Photo Is What It Is to Be a "Basic Mom," Sign Us Up

To a millennial, is there anything worse than being basic? Well, if Chandra Fredrick's description is accurate, we can't imagine it gets much better.

The mom of three posted a "portrait of a basic mom in the morning" to her Instagram feed alongside a simple description:

Sweats, no makeup, nursing a babe who is also doing acrobatics, trying to show equal attention to another child simultaneously, and captured by her oldest son.

Even Fredrick – who blogs at Oh Lovely Day – realizes that such a self-proclaimed basic, stereotypical Mom moment is one she should cherish.

"I think this right here is what I'll miss the most when my kids are grown – the sweet and simple chaos that make up our mornings," she wrote. "We'll never have this day again. We only get a limited number of these baby and toddler days. And then they are gone forever."

Image Source: Chandra Fredrick
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