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Basq Skin Care Giveaway {$165 Value}!

Basq Skin Care Giveaway {$165 Value}!

A mom's work is never done. Whether it's pick-up duty, cooking dinner, or helping with homework, it's hard to carve out "me" time!

Our latest giveaway, from the basq Skin care line, takes away at least one of the obstacles! 5 lucky moms will win a "Head to Toe basq Spa" Gift Set ($165 value). With Cucumber Tea Eye Gel, Energizing Body Lotion, Spa Socks, Face Cleanser and FRESH Resilient Oil and Citrus Body Polish, you'll have everything you need to treat yourself.

Founded in New York City by Kelli Kenny and Lauren Parisier, basq presents gentle, effective skincare for every stage of life. The basq line is clinically tested (though never on animals) for sensitivity and allergy. All products are free of parabens, phthalates, and sulfates.


To enter this giveaway, just share in a comment how you like to pamper yourself.

Please note: You must enter before October 14th, 2012 at 11:59pm PST to be eligible. Check out the full list of rules here for more details.

Image Source: Basq NYC

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SusanShifrin SusanShifrin 4 years
I am a 67 year old Mom whose sons are grown - 42 and 39. My husband and I have adopted our Granddaughter who is now 15 with another one coming - who is 3. What a wonderful way to prepare myself to get in shape by starting off with great skin! I'd love to give it a try and see what my two little girls have to say and, of course, my husband of 46 years!!
HeatherLeslie5170 HeatherLeslie5170 4 years
I think the best pampering for me these days is sleep. With 3 little ones that is my luxury. More sleep please!
EdieContreras EdieContreras 4 years
To "pamper" myself, I like to go to the gym, take a long shower, have quiet (alone) time and read....though, realistically, not all can be done on the same day when you have kids in the 3-15yr range : )
BeneraldaPerez BeneraldaPerez 4 years
Put on a good movie a nice cup of coffee and put my feet to soak in nice warm water. I don't have time to do much of anything and this could be my way of going the extra mile of papering myself. I hope I'm the lucky one.. (single mom of 2 wonderful boys 9&8 years old)
CoMMember13627136122397 CoMMember13627136122397 4 years
After my boys (3) are finally asleep, I get out a British Masterpice Mystery DVD, a jar of Nutella, a bag of animal crackers and a large glass of red wine. The combination of nutella caked crackers with a sip of wine in between mouthfuls, and a dreamy cast of actors set in my home country of Great Britain is my ideal pampering. Simple but highly effective!!! Oh, I forgot to mention, that I send my husband away so I have no distractions or sharing!!
MariyaKennerWiggins MariyaKennerWiggins 4 years
I need to take my life back. Between work, kids, family and friends I have lost myself. We as women give and do for everyone and forget about ourselves. I could use these products and go on an overnight get away by myself so I can find myself again.
SharonKelly42225 SharonKelly42225 4 years
I'm 49 a single mother of 2 adopted daughters ages 7 & 9, I work full time, go to school and dedicate all other time for my daughters for dance, teakwondo, basketball and Cheerleading. I would love to have some "me" time and get pampered!!!
MelissaKeys MelissaKeys 4 years
All work, and no play.. for this mom of three. Two teenagers, and one 9 yr old. Seems like I never have time to get dressed, not alone... treat MYSELF to anything. LOL. Matter of fact, can some1 give me the meaning of " Myself"! I would have to go to a spa, just to have 5 minutes of alone. You would think closing the bathroom door would be some relief, but nope, they will just talk to me through the door. Oh well.. I still love em! No one ever said it would be easy, but a little break from it all from time to time, sure would be nice.
ceilacoronado ceilacoronado 4 years
I am a mom of 3 little ones . If I get a pedi once a year i hv had a lot , if money ever permits I would love to go to a spa Get a facecial, mani, pedi even a massage if possible .
KathySmith74829 KathySmith74829 4 years
If I could find the time, I'd pamper myself by taking a quiet candle lit bubble bath with Michael Buble playing...with a side of champagne and gouda cheese.
AnneMayer49194 AnneMayer49194 4 years
I could use some eye masque today for my tired peepers!!
RuthLaywell RuthLaywell 4 years
oh me winning this would be soo great. Im a first time mommy to 2 precious twin girlies who are going to be three months old on the 17 of october. Im lucky to get a bath i guess that would be my pampering routine for now but i would love to win this. Please pick me
EllenFlores EllenFlores 4 years
I pamper myself with a mani and pedi of course!
TiffanyRismiller TiffanyRismiller 4 years
Tiffany R: Pampering myself most times is taking a bath, be it ten minutes or thirty minutes. If I'm really lucky I make it to a spa once a year for facials, massages, etc.....
Hi Im a single mom of 2beautiful children whom i care for a great deal.being a mom is a fulltime job.on my free time i like to pamper myself by going to get my hair,mani and pedi.
AutumnMorris31290 AutumnMorris31290 4 years
I love pampering myself in the comfort of my own home! It's not often, but when I do, I like to soak my feet and give myself a nice pedicure. This Head to Toe Spa would definitely spruce that up!
KortneyTasler KortneyTasler 4 years
Pampering myself is a long morning run, followed by a shower. Actually blow drying my hair and being completely dressed before my kids get up. And then I'd love having breakfast with them. Woohoo!
CourtneyColbert CourtneyColbert 4 years
My pampering consists of fresh coffee, a good book, having time to properly condition my hair, shave my legs and a good moisturizer. It doesn't take much to make me happy! =)
TabithaBeal TabithaBeal 4 years
I don't get a lot of pampering, I have 2 lil girls who love to be pampered so they always come first. But if I could I would love a facial oh I've never been to a spa so everything they would do there!! I need this and would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!!
AmyPiester AmyPiester 4 years
I would love to pamper myself more! When I do get e chance, I go and get a mani/pedi! This giveaway looks wonderful!!
VictoriaHenry20629 VictoriaHenry20629 4 years
A cafe vanilla frap & the latest episode of Greys or 90210.This is mommy time & the children know to stay as quiet as a mouse! :)
nayanmukherjee nayanmukherjee 4 years
I would love to pamper myself with a beautiful head message and spa and pedicure and of course a good facial too, all without parabens, phthalates, and sulfates and other harmful ingredients seem heavenly ! Bring them on !
NicoleLongmore NicoleLongmore 4 years
I like to get monthly massages as long as I remember to schedule them! Also I like to get away with girlfriends. Looks like great products.
AngelaUpdegraff56645 AngelaUpdegraff56645 4 years
this would be awesome
HolliBlount HolliBlount 4 years
Crossing my fingers and toes hoping i win. I have a 20 mth old and a 1 mth old (boys) and my almost 2 yr old sure does give me a run for my money and the newborn has his days and nights backwards. Im not very good at leaving the kids to go get me time like a massage or pedi so something I could do at home would be awesome. I also feel guilty buying for myself (i know i shouldnt but i do) so winning free pampering stuff would be absolutely lovely!
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