What family album doesn't include a bath photo? An Arizona family may be thinking twice before ever having such snapshots developed again. The couple's three children were taken from them and placed in foster care after a Wal-Mart employee discovered nude images of the kids while printing up the clan's vacation photos. Though the parents have since been cleared of any wrongdoing, investigators originally were tipped off when a store employee found pictures of the children, ages 5, 4, and 1½, in various states of undress while en route to the tub. Following the youngsters' removal from their home, the state launched an inquiry into the possibility of sexual assault which included thorough physical examinations of each child. The family is now suing Wal-Mart, the city, and the state for punitive damages for defamation and outrage.

Do you consider who will be viewing your family photos when having them printed?

Source: Flickr User Ernst Vikne