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Bath Stops

Lil Find: Ship Ahoy!

Your tot's ship has come in! My babe loves bath time so I really don't have to do much to entice her into the tub. But if your lil one needs some extra encouragement to get wet, try this Dinghy Drain Stopper ($13). Crafted with a 16" chain, the map made boat cruises the wee seas with ease. Toss in a few other bath toys and he'll be rockin' in the tub all day.

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SpitPhyre SpitPhyre 9 years
ha ha... now that would be a big step back for water conservation, wouldn't it DDG!
duck-duck-goose duck-duck-goose 9 years
Yup, spit -- the newest bath-time game would be "let's count the number of times lil SweetPea yanks the chain and drains the water." Cute, but not very practical.
SpitPhyre SpitPhyre 9 years
But what if he gets super-curious and pulls the plug? No bath water for the baby!
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