Yesterday was a strange day for me. Not a particularly productive day at the office, I was unusually wiped out for some reason when I got home. Hubby had other dinner plans so I was only responsible for feeding my lil one. After her dinner, I put on my pajamas and got ready for her bath time.

To see what bathroom disaster occurred,


After I got comfy, I stripped my babe down to her birthday suit ready to plop her in the tub. A big fan of tub time, she played with the bubbles and her toys while kicking and splashing like the wild child she is. After a crazed moment, she froze and locked her eyes into mine. Then she leaned a tad to her left – away from me. I thought to myself, she's about to toot. Unfortunately, she had more in store than that. She pulled a Caddy Shack and presented a live Baby Ruth. Horrified, I grabbed her out of the tub and left her two "friends" bobbing about the water.

Thankfully I had a mini trash bag right next to the sink to grab the floaters. I put her to bed, ate my meal and spent the rest of the night bleaching and scrubbing the tub. Oh the joys of motherhood.